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Craft 365: Week 6

Crafting 365: Week 6

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A week of spinning, pretty much! There is one thing that troubles me and thats how much to charge. I've been "umming" and "ahhhing" between 10 pence, 12 pence and 15 pence a meter, which in fairness seems to be the going rate. But for the longer skeins it seems perhaps a bit high? But after all the work that has gone into them it seems right, these do take a good day to spin up! However, is there anyone willing to pay £20 for 168 meters of 3 ply, hand dyed yarn, especially in these times where people are being so careful with their money?


Anonymous said...

I think laypersons might shy away, but anyone 'in the know' would realise how much work goes into hand dying and spinning and yarn and wouldn't mind the cost. Personally, I wouldn't mind spending that bit more, but practically I'd probably only use it for a special, smallish project, and so wouldn't buy it very often.

TomatoTea said...

@blackberrycrafts - thank you for your honest opinion! I think I have decided I will drop the prices slightly, as it is a labor of love, and perhaps i need to make smaller skeins :)

claire montgomerie said...

oh, people who love it enough will pay! as has been mentioned, people often just buy one of an expensive yarn and make a small project or use it for edging/contrast/experimenting. i think it also comes down to what makes economic sense for you - if you do it partly for the love of it, price doesn't matter, but if you need to make money out of it, you should not be afraid of charging for your time, talent and creativity. it is a one off original after all!

bex said...

hmmm i no expert on yarn but i know alot of work goes into spinning it. i agree with claire...its like a special piece of off

nini said...

Don't drop them too much - those who know what they are getting will not mind paying a little bit extra. It's all in the magic of "one time only colored batch" (I have no idea how to say it differently).

TomatoTea said...

First of all, thank you everyone for replying! I really appreciate you all taking the time to comment about this as its been difficult to decide!

@claire montgomerie: This means a lot coming from you as you are a knitting textiles designer :D Its more for the love of it at the moment, but i truly would love to make a living out of this one day!

@bex: Thank you Bex! They are all so different and i guess some people would pay, especially if it was to be made into a gift :)

@nini I've settled on 10 pence for regular/natural yarn and 12 pence for dyed yarn! It will pay for itself and give me a little profit but not enough to make a living out of (unfortunately!!)

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