Saturday, March 28

Chicken Dog

Thats right. Chicken dog!

How cool is this guy? I spotted this after listing a new purse on Folksy and wow he's funky! I think any child (or adult ;) ) would love this as it has such character and imagination.

If only my nephews were a little older, I'd snap this up for a birthday or Christmas present (I'm one of those very odd people who does their Christmas shopping early).

Anyhoo, just thought i'd share :)
Thursday, March 26

New stuff for March

...well the end of it. Better late than never!

First up, these little birdie keyrings! So much fun to make, each one like a mini amigurumi in a sense. I love adding their little beaks at the end, really brings out their character.

Birdie Keyring Set

As I make them to order, customers can choose their own colour combination of bird colour and beak :D Only drawback is they do take some time to make... I should really learn to time myself when making things, the main problem is I usually make things in batches! These can be ordered through Folksy or ArtFire (the awesome alternative to Etsy).

Next up, the long awaited second batch of Felt Coin Purses (loads more pics on Flickr).

Green Embroidery Doodle on Brown Coin PurseGreen Buttons on Cream Coin PurseCream Singing Birdie Coin Purse

Again, these will slowly be added over the next few days to Folksy and ArtFire.
Saturday, March 21


I hate having to do stuff like this but sometimes its for the best.
Anyways, I wanted to announce that I am no longer trading on DaWanda.

The main reason is due to the fact I want to be able to evenly spread my stock across any online shops I trade through, so that buyers have a good choice where ever they decide to buy. I was mostly only selling supplies on there, so it makes sense as I had little to no interest shown in my own stock.

Supplies are still available through Etsy. I may or may not add some to Folksy - let me know if you're interested :)

More crafty related posts due next week... and still tweaking the business cards!! Thanks to everyone who has commented already :)
Wednesday, March 18

Business Cards

I've recently updated the 'font' and logo of TomatoTea and I need your help! First of all, what do you think of the new font and logo?

Photobucket Photobucket

Secondly... I got a bit carried away making business card designs...these are just a few of many.
Landscape_Blue_03 Portrait_Green_01 Landscape_Red_04a

Some I like, others not so much but I won't tell you which. If you could just leave a comment either here or on Flickr to which ones you like, which catch your eye, what can be improved, I would be MOST grateful!!
Sunday, March 15

Handm@de: Winchester


TomatoTea will be Exhibiting at Handm@de in the Winchester Guildhall on Sunday July 5th! I'm super excited.... and really really scared! Is anyone else doing the Handm@de craft fairs? Drop me a line, it would be great to meet you :D

Monday, March 2

Very Quick Update!

Hi all!

Just to let you know I'm extending my absence from the internet world for another week so i can organise...everything XD

I'll be adding 2 more backdated New Zealand blog entries too, as i was at a loss for a decent connection the last 2 weeks of the holiday!

Tata til March 10th!

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