Thursday, April 30

Pay It Forward!

Bex - PIF

This lovely assortment of goodies came from the wonderful Bex! A super cool purse, a cute button bracelet and a lovely handmade card detailing how each item came to be!

To quote from Bex's Blog:
"For those who don't know, it goes like this - the first three people to leave a comment will receive a hand made gift from me. The only thing you have to do is participate and carry on the gift giving to three more soon as you have left a comment do a "pay it forward post" on your blog and continue the giving."

I'm going to mix things up a little though. Instead of the first three people to comment, i'll pick three people who comment at random with either a random number generator or physically writting names down and picking them out of a hat (commenting more than once doesn't increase your chances :P). Also, please please please continue the PIF chain by posting on your own blog! If you don't get picked, but still want to do a PIF, by all means please do! Share the love :) Closing date for comments entered is next week (7th May 2009)

No idea what will be made, depends on who gets picked i suppose. I'll try to suit the gifts to the people who'll be receiving them :)

Monday, April 27

New Style Coin Purse

Crafting 365, Day 10

I say new, in which i mean different to the other style I've sewn. Its been done before many many times, its not my design and i used this tutorial on Flickr as a base. You can see the zip is in the middle and that the same fabric is used through out but it wasn't too difficult to work out what I wanted to do.

Prototype Coin Purse

The grey one was my first try. Its wonky, it has untidy edges. and turned out a little smaller than i anticipated! But all in all it worked out great and the blue one is the proof of the pudding. A lot neater and tidier, inside and out - no raw edges showing. And bigger, even though i used the same amount of fabric. Not sure how that happened. Practice i suppose!

New Style Coin Purse

Anyways, like i said, not new by any means and they are quicker to whip up than the other style I have done. What do you think?
Friday, April 24

Craft 365: Week 1

I hopped on to the Craft 365 bandwagon last week in the hopes of making sure I get at least one little crafty thing done a day. Taking photos for the year will be interesting too. I think this will make a great project, and for anyone considering it, its not as hard to do as you may think! Take the leap and do a 365 Project on Flickr :)

Crafting 365: Week 1

1. Blank 2. Blank 3. Day 1 4. Day 2 5. Day 3 6. Day 4 7. Day 5 8. Day 6 9. Day 7

... i wonder how long this will last.

I also pondered about spicing up the blog a bit. Seeing as i haven't blogged since the 10th, i'm guessing i need some structure here... Looks like Fridays will be 365 Day. I'm thinking of blogging my favourite knit and crochet stitches, just for fun. Guess i can try it for a while and see how it goes. Oh and i must feature more people - share the love . The genius and talent of crafters and makers out there...

Watch this space I guess :)
Friday, April 10

Lastest Stash Haul...

P1220619 P1220608P1220575 P1220588

...I went a bit nuts as my local fabric shop. But with 15% off for Easter, I couldn't say no...
Thursday, April 2

Screen Printing: At Last!

Hooray hooray! After may failed attempts at screen printing through last year, I have finally conquered it!

TomatoTea Bags

...and i have no idea what to do with these eco shopping bags now! I'm thinking to give them away free to people who spend over £20 (not including P&P!) in one of my stores and at Winchester in July.

Big Brown Tomato Tea Bag

The brown bag was a (very bad) tester for the bags i'll be using at the fair to those who buy something at my stall (free of course!). I'll get and print some smaller ones too :)

Print Close Up

I can't believe it's nearly time for Cambridge Handm@de already :o Blackberry Crafts will be there, so be sure to stop off and buy some wonderful hand knit fingerless gloves! Spring may be here, but there's still a nip about!

Good luck to everyone taking part! If last years oxford is anything to go by, it should be awesome!

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