Monday, November 17
OKAY! Quick post before i start work :)

I have never been so busy in my life. My goodness i'm glad the bookshop have now taken me on full-time now, even if it is only up until the new year. I'll be earning more because a) i'm doing a few more hours and b) because im not working 2 jobs i won't get taxed 22% and c) i should technically get my tax back that i paid last month... and possibly this month which will be like £300.

That's disgusting isn't it? Getting taxed 22% just because I had to work two jobs because i couldn't get any extra hours because of this whole recession business. It wasn't fair. I seriously think the hours should be added up from the two jobs and treated like one job. Besides, employers prefer part timers because they are cheaper :/


Anyhoo. Besides working in shops, i have also been making stuff. Here's a quick preview of one of the many things i have been doing...

P1000003 P1000007

I'll be back later to tell you more. But for now, i need to get ready to go to work :o

Hope everyone is well!

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