Thursday, October 2

Lack of updating again. But a lot has been going on!

I started my second part time job on 22nd September and i have very little time for things now. Particularly Mon-Wed as i start my morning job at 07.30, finish at 11.30, rush home for lunch and start at my afternoon job at 13.00, for another 4 hours of working minimum wage. Its not bad but its not ideal either. But as i announced over on dA im off to New Zealand for 5 weeks in January so i have something to work towards and it really helps me get through those 3 hard days. Thursday and Friday are okay, as i only have the afternoon job to go to, so my mornings are free. And of course, weekends but as we all know, those get eaten up very quickly.

I was also ill last Thursday for 4 days... so i've lost 8 hours pay but im hoping to make that up somewhere along the line when things get busier at Christmas. But my gosh i never want to feel that ill again, ever. I have never felt that sick. I'll spare you the details though ;)

On some positive notes, i was asked at my morning job to do a "photo shoot" tomorrow morning for advertising. Its a craft store so i'll be doing some knitting and i think there's some sort of 'story' or something that the marketing lady is going to write for it.
Uh, as you can see, i have no idea what its all about really. But im getting paid to do it and its a big help :)

Also, my sister-in-law had a 'Yummy Mummy' event and asked for me to show some of my stuff. Unfortunately, it was day i fell ill but luckily i had already printed some leaflets and got my stuff together ready for it so a friend picked it up and took it over for me. Good thing too, as a very nice lady is very interested in knitted toys for her shop! So wish me luck!

...and thats basically whats been going on. Theres loads of other things ive been up to, like making my own Niddy Noddy out of PVC piping and i spun and plied my first yarn...and i started dying yarn again, but this time using natural ingredents, such as tea, grapes and stinging nettles. But i think i will talk about that another time.

Well done and thank you if you read this far :)
I'll leave it there for now, i really hope everyone is doing well.

Oh, two more things. The awesome and sweet Sally bought me a 3 month subscription for dA and i will be making use of it this weekend and catch up with a lot of my friends over there :)
And finally the blog on is now going to purely be for 'documenting' new products i add on the internet. Having a mirrored blog is silly i guess. And extra work.

Phew! Thanks for listening reading!

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