Sunday, June 29
Available on: Etsy // DaWanda // PinkDoodle

Orange and Red Strawberry Buttons

Saturday, June 28
Available on: Etsy // DaWanda // PinkDoodle

Cherry Buttons

Friday, June 27

New Supplies

Well, after yesterdays events (i'll explain tomorrow :/) it was a nice surprise to recieve some more supplies today. I've posted the first lot of buttons on Etsy already and will be adding them for the next couple of days at around 17:00 BST (UK).

Flat Strawberry Buttons

I set up shop over on DaWanda today :) Its a very nice place and i really dont know why i didnt sign up sooner.

The trip over to Weymouth yesterday was fantastic.

Weymouth 2008/06/26 Weymouth 2008/06/26

It was so nice to get away from home even if it was only for half a day. My mum and I took the train and on the hour long journey watched the world go by. And well, i couldnt not take my knitting with me XD

Weymouth 2008/06/26

But seriously. It was a perfect summers day, exactly what i expect from our British summer - blue skies with a few stray clouds to add interest. I love clouds <3

Weymouth 2008/06/26 Weymouth 2008/06/26

We explored a lot this time round. We usually stay near the town and sea front. But we went up by Nothe (?) Gardens and found a nice little walk around there :)
Ahhh. Till next time, Weymouth.
Wednesday, June 25
I have fallen in love with a few of the patterns in Rowans 'Big It Up' Pattern book.

Alas, the yarn is priced at £7.25 a ball :/ Its a pitty the store i work at doesn't carry all the colours as i could save a hefty 25%. Even so, the projects would still cost around £50

Maybe i should start playing the lottery :3

In other news...

Projects are ticking along behind the scenes. Now that the cameras battery can charge ( i think i broke the charger... >.>; ) i will be taking some pictures shortly.

In the meantime, i'm off to Weymouth tomorrow. It will be nice to get away from here, even if its only for the day. I love beaches. Doesn't matter where, i love them. I feel at home. And boy, does that sound corny :3

Sunday, June 22

deviantArt Silent Auction & Contest for the AC Gallery

devaintArt News Link

I've decided to participate in this silent auction. I think i'm right when i say 1 in 3 of of are directly effected by breast cancer (either by having it ourselves or knowing some one who has had it). So for this great cause i'm going to make something for the auction. My initial thought was either a pink purse or pink bag (pink being the colour for Breast Cancer Awareness)... or perhaps both as a set :)

Donations are accepted until the 20th July, so theres some time for us all to donate something! :)
Saturday, June 21

New Buttons For Sale :D

Apple Buttons
Thursday, June 19

I can't find any fabrics I'd like to sell...

...So i'll make my own :)

Yup. I'm gonna screen print my own fabrics. Or at least for the moment i will be exploring this. I'll be buying a kit tomorrow from work (discount for experiments = DANGEROUS XD), I've ordered two, 2 meter lengths of fabric to print on and i have some designs floating around in my head :)

I think i'll print on some of my parcel roll too, as well as some left over wall paper we have... could make for nice wrapping paper :O

Wish me luck and stay tuned.

... and i wish my new button stock would arrive soon :( Need to list some new supplies to keep the interest going.
Tuesday, June 17

New Items

Available on etsy :)

Heart Rings Button Assortment A
Saturday, June 14


Woah! Those buttons are selling like hot cakes on Etsy! I won't have any left if it keeps going like this! I will need to find a new supplier if i run out :/ But i have different stock on the way. I have a feeling this was a good investment... or at least, I hope it was.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I also posted unwanted items on eBay too. I never dreamt of selling so much on there O_O; same with these buttons i suppose.

Perhaps supplying buttons will be my new calling...

Guess the next few months will tell me.
Wednesday, June 11

Supplies For Sale!

The buttons came and are now up for sale on my Etsy :) Click the pictures for individual listings.

Mushroom Buttons

Mushroom Buttons Mushroom Buttons

More will be added over the next few days.

I will also be adding a few listings to eBay as well, as it is 5p listing day tomorrow :o

Wish me luck.
Saturday, June 7

Bags of Fun

Busy at last :)

Rouge Bleu is already avaliable over on Etsy and Coccinelle Verte will be available for sale on Monday (2008/06/09)

I loved making these and already have a stash of yarn and fabrics to make more :)

2008/06/05 Fabric stash PICT0019

PICT0022 Bag Yarn Stash

I'm also in the process of designing crocheted purses :D The yarn used would be regualr DK or aran weight and they would be lined as the bags have ^_^

I also invested in some buttons to sell on Etsy. I'm a little nervous about selling them as i worked out my profit margin would be small but they are lovely and i will be using a couple for my own projects too :)

Still looking for more work. Ugh. 12 hours just isn't enough... not that i would want to work full time in retail, but beggars can't be choosers :/

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