Monday, August 5

End of Week 2

Ahoy thar.

A lot has happened in the last week in the land of flat redecoration!

The plumber came to sort out the precarious pipe work in the kitchen on Wednesday evening... but there was a problem. The stock cock didn't actually stop the flow of water. Oh SH---ugar. :)

So after a few phone calls to the plumber and to the management company of the block (who were REALLY unhelpful. Cheers then), it was decided that the plumber changed the stop cock. Live.

This freaked me out. Half the kitchen was in, could this be damaged by the huge flow of water that could potentially flood the flat?!

Nah. He is super plumber extraordinaire. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had complete confidence.

He then admitted to my Dad it was the first time he done it.

WHAT. Haha!

It saved weeks worth of wait. Everything would have come to a complete standstill whist the management company wrote a letter to each of the residents to let them know the water would be off for 30 minutes, maximum. Bah. In your face.

One major drama averted. Pipes are sorted.

The kitchen is also finished (bar a corner post. And a cooker. And extractor fan.)

Okay so its not 'finished' finished. The sparky has been asked to do this when he comes back to sort out an earthing wire. Current ones were too thin. Regulations are awesome this day an age - the wiring in that place is at least 30 years old! But it has been signed off (with a proviso of the above, of course).

Radiators... how clean do you think yours are?

Here's mine (WARNING: Major dust bunny alert)


I bet you really want to clean your rads now, right?

I seem to be rather chatty this evening. Most likely because I wasn't feeling fantastic last Thursday/Friday. Annoyingly, I had a days holiday on Friday. Meh, Murphy's law. Go figure.

Also had today off. Feeling a lot better. Did my most favourite thing in the world.


I lie, it's not that bad. When there are two of you, it's less daunting. The lounge is coming along nicely - in fact the window is done. Just need to get the electric sander on the door and the skirting.

Mug shot alert.

I don't think I've ever looked so good. Haha.

Oh yeah. Awesome cupboard now in the hall. Very much needed to store Christams gumpf, Vacuum, ironing board, yada-yada.

Looks good though, right? Imagine it when it's painted. Along with the rest of the hall. The rest of the flat.

Sigh. There's so much to do...

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