Monday, September 15


Just signed up to, a UK based handmade, non-commercial online marketplace. Loving it already :D

I decided to list my purses on there for now - i may put a couple on DaWanda too. Not sure why im avoiding listing them on Etsy, i guess because listings get buried so quickly. That and Folksy is UK exclusive and listings are in good old GBP£.

...which leaves the question: what about

Well, its like i said to one of my online friends, Sally. Not much is happening over there. Yes its free (for now) but how long do we have to wait for a subdomain? Folksy already has this :o It cant be that hard, surely?

I also don’t want to be spread to thin over the internet. I think the three regional ones are where i will stay for now :)

...oh yeah. Green background and stuff. Much fresher i think :) How about you guys?

Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
Purses Batch 1

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Saturday, September 13


Musings follow, skip this bit if you don’t care for reading my train of thought :p

I feel lately I have been stretching myself too thinly with too many crafts. My problem is I love learning new things and new techniques and well, my ideas are all over the place. It needs to stop! XD So lets see, what have i tried...

1. Crochet
2. Knitting
3. Hand dyeing yarn

4. Jewellery Making
5. Sewing
6. Screen Printing
7. Sculpture
8. Making Fimo/Sculpey Charms

I have a feeling I’ve been to ‘broad’ with some of these craft types (Like sewing includes making lining for crochet bags but also plushies, which I'm not too keen on now days :/ ). But in any case i have highlighted the crafts i REALLY enjoy and get on with fine.

...And to me it seems like textiles is the answer. Not all aspects, but most i guess.

Its not that i didn’t enjoy making sculpey stuff, for example. However, there are loads of sculpey artisans out there that do a fantastic job with their handmade charms etc which i dont have the hands and patience for. I will probably try my hand at it again for my own personal use or gifts. Same with jewellery making. I have so many beads and findings stored away... but i know if i give it away/sell it, i’ll need something!!

I guess what i’m trying to figure out is where i need to concentrate my skills. More so for my future, something to base a small business on. And as sad as it sounds the 3 at the top get me excited. I love making a ball of yarn into SOMETHING, you know? And what’s more, if i hand dyed that yarn myself - even more exciting :D

The not so boring bit


I have been busy. I love being busy with stuff. Makes me feel like I'm actually doing something. By which I mean, not just sitting around watching tv or working or something. Oh, i know what i mean. I wont pile everything i’ve been doing into one post, otherwise the projects will get lost under my stupid “train of thought” essay thingy up there :)

Theres more photos on Flickr (just click one of the pictures).

Not sure where to list them though.... I may dip my toe further into the DaWanda pool. Or just share them out a bit.... or something.

Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
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Thursday, September 4

Christmas in August

Way back in June, the Artisan Crafts Club over on deviantArt kicked off the ‘Christmas in August’ Event. Deviants who participated were given the name of another deviant to make a box and gift for. Kind of like a big artisan secret santa :D We knew who we made something for but we didn’t know who would be making something in return.

My deviant was ZyPressQ. I knew she liked making plushies so i put together a little treasure chest of supplies to make a couple. The chest was a paper mache box bought from a craft store and I ‘prettied’ it up by covering it in wood paper, gold pen and lined the inside too.

DeviantArt Artisan Crafts Club: Christmas in August

I have to admit i was worried when i didn’t receive a box in August, but my ‘gifter’ dropped me a note to let me know all is well and i was excited all over again :D

I received it yesterday....


I cannot tell you how happy i was when i opened it all up :D First of all i squeed with delight at the box itself.

Christmas In August

I LOVE anything anyone makes of my character Maroon <3 And well i think what was inside the box (after i took it all out of the package and put it in there XD) will speak for itself :) Thank you Sally!!!!

Christmas In August Christmas In August
Christmas In August Christmas In August
Christmas In August Christmas In August
Monday, September 1

Roxy Wrap FO

Wow. I never thought i would finish this.

Whats more is that i LIKE it. I have really surprised myself :o I think i will be wearing this during Autumn/Winter.

Originally when i started it i liked it.... then i read some things around the internet about how most people dislike fancy yarns, and found blogs about “What not to Knit/Crochet” and it had me quaking in my boots!

But i persevered. I finished it. Mostly because i wanted to start on my new cotton cardigan and this had been laying around for well over 6 months.

But really. It fits. Its comfortable. Its warm - not hot. And I will wear it.

Wendy Roxy Wrap Complete Wendy Roxy Wrap Complete

...Unlike my poor first project... *sigh* I LOVE that bolero. But its 100% wool. Too hot, not practical, a little on the small side... but never mind. It was my first clothing project and all in all that was a success too.

Freedom Spirit Bolero

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