Tuesday, July 17

Terms and Conditions

This post has been backdated by one year. It was written on 17th July 2008. These terms and conditions apply to scratch cards and vouchers given out by TomatoTea.

1) Each code/voucher can only be used once.

2) Each code/voucher can only be used on one transaction on any of the following:

3) Multiple codes/voucher cannot be used in conjunction with one another.

4) Scratch card/voucher cannot be exchanged for 'real' face value (ie I will not send you $1 etc).

5) Scratch card/voucher cannot be exchanged for a different prize/voucher.

6) No credit given if transaction total (not including shipping) is less than face value.

7) Records are kept of when scratch cards/voucher are used - do not try to use your code/voucher twice, you will not be able to and you will be named(user name only) and shamed on this page.
Wednesday, July 4


30th June 2009 ~ Train Riders
My handspun yarn, Pastel Sunset was featured!
~ Coriandr Express
26th June 2009 ~ Train Riders
The Teal Crochet Purse was featured!
~ Coriandr Express
16th June 2009 ~ Train Riders
The Birdie Keyrings were featured!
~ Coriandr Express
5th June 2009 ~ Train Riders
Violet Sap, was featured!
~ Coriandr Express
28th May 2009 ~ Happy 75th Birthday Dad!
~ Autonomous Artisans
27th May 2009 ~ Coriandr Express pt.2
The Furry Hood Crochet pattern was featured!
~ Coriandr Blog
23rd May 2009

~ Coriandr Front Page
22th May 2009 ~ Bits Blog - A Facelift!
~ Bits 'n' Bobs
19th May 2009 ~ Train Riders
My Furry Hood Crochet pattern was featured!
~ Coriandr Express
18th May 2009

~ Coriandr Front Page
17th May 2009 ~ Featured Etsy Shop - Tomato Tea
16th May 2009 ~ Blackberry Crafts: Crafty Picks
The Birdie Keyrings were picked!
~ Blackberry Crafts
10th January 2009 ~ Blackberry Crafts - Folksy Features: Saturday Six
~ Blackberry Crafts


Up and Coming Events 2009
Christmas Craft Fayre
Monday 16th November, 7pm - 9pm at St James C of E VA School, Pokesdown Hill, Bournemouth

Past Events 2009
KUBE Art Boot Sale
Saturday 29th August, 11am - 2pm at the KUBE gallery, Poole.

Winchester Handmade

Sunday 5th July, 10.30 - 4.30 at the Winchester Guildhall

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