Tuesday, May 19

Coriandr Express: DigTheEarth Day 2

In todays post, i want to tell you a little bit more about Dig The Earth.

The great thing about his cards are that there are printed on 100% recycled card. He gets his cards printed locally, thus cutting the carbon miles down, as well as helping his local businesses. The packaging is made from corn starch which is biodegradable, breaking down into just water and Carbon Dioxide.
These cards are very green and at these great prices there really is no reason to buy, especially with his cards being half price in his Coriandr Shop until the end of May! Don't miss out on this offer!

Not only does Kevin sell bright and funky cards, he hand decorates mirrors.

I particularly like this one. Now please note, all these circles have been drawn BY HAND. I have no idea how long this would have taken him - but it is a work of art. I think it would make a fantastic gift coupled with this card:

Tomorrow is the last day VIP day for Dig The Earth, so we want to make it go out with a bang :D Stay tuned for the last installment!


Joanne Dewberry said...

Oooo I like that geometric pattern!!

The card would look fab framed on the wall :)


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