Saturday, May 23

Coriandr Express: Bluefish Handmade

Our next VIP on the train is the very talented crocheter, Izabela of Bluefish handmade!

When people think of crochet, it usually conjures up images of loud, bright acrylic granny square blankets thrown over a couch or in a pets bed. However, you will never look at crochet the same again when you see Izabelas work. You can see there is a lot of love going into her work as it is very delicate and intricate. Pastel colours are very prominent in her items and this works so well for what she creates. This is very true of the Flower Corsages she makes, so beautiful and elegant.

On of my favourite items in her shop are these wonderful, lacy gloves:

These would look wondeful, as Izabela suggests, with a wedding outfit or to dress up an evening outfit. Theres something about lace that really makes a girl feel special and graceful.

If you love Bluefish Handmade, become a fan on Facebook :)

Izabela has a special offer on until the 13th of June, exclusive for her Coriandr shop. Check out the Coriandr Express blog to find out more - you won't want to miss out!


chainSHAW said...

wow :O i am so impressed bye hand made crafts. not if their shit though.. like a lump of playdoh with googly eyes on it. but her stuff is great :) as is yours.

(sorry i've been falling behind on commenting)

Izabela said...

thank you for this fantastic post about my creations, that made me feel really good

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