Saturday, May 16

Craft 365: Week 4 / Coriandr Express

Crafting 365: Week 4
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Another week which started so well and ended badly. Its my own fault for loosing my footing on some stairs at work though :/ I have never felt physically sick due to pain before. Yet this morning i feel fine.


I'm getting closer to dedicating myself to Coriandr. I'm slowing moving items from Artfire at the moment, my subscription ends June 6th so that'll be the first to go. The bits n bobs at Etsy and Folksy will take longer to transport - i want to get my listings worth out of them!!

I've joined in with a fantastic idea on Coriandr to help promote sellers (including me :o ) and Coridanr itself. Its called the 'Coriandr Express' and involves about 20 coriandr sellers. Every 3 days (we rest on a Sunday :)) a VIP from the train is picked and the other sellers promote the socks off of them by blogging, tweeting etc about them and what they do. Its such a fantastic idea and is being organised and run by Lynne of the PixiePirateCrew, who also writes for and organises Autonomous Artisans! She already has a blog up and running for the Coriandr Express which will also be used for promoting the VIP as well as Coriandr and with over 20 people promoting it, news, in theory, should travel fast :o. I volunteered to set up a Twitter account to help plug this even more with some micro Blogging!
If all goes well and more people wish to be a part of this, more trains may be set up to accomidate everyone!

So all aboard this Monday as thats when the train leaves and the very first VIP gets some kick ass promotion :D


Stacey-Ann said...

woohoo! can't wait! I've already been thinking up creative ways to promote our first VIP.

bex said...

that sounds like a good idea!!

TomatoTea said...

@Stacey-Ann Me too! I must say its quite difficult to think up something different... but i'll do what I can :D

@bex I hope it is! lol

chainSHAW said...

you'll be making millions!

Anonymous said...

I love your new colorful yarns! *clap clap*

And quite interesting this Coriandr business :D


TomatoTea said...

@chainSHAW If only :D

@nini Yay! I hope to hear more from you soon you know :)

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