Thursday, May 14

A really big decision about selling online...

I have a feeling this may burn a few bridges but all in all I think it will work, because I want it to.

Selling online is tough, you have to promote yourself continuously in order to get your work even seen. There's nothing wrong with that, thats how the handmade world works. However if you have more than one shop to promote, you're not making it easy for yourself.

Currently, I sell on Etsy, Folksy and Artfire.

True, i haven't been promoting much. But i'm really not one to blow my own horn, especially if it means doing it 3 times as much! There are pros and cons to each of these online market places, be it too many products and sellers to really get noticed, a not so modern interface or a new-ish market place. Selling in different currencies seems like a good idea, but im thinking now that its not. I'm sure now that i only want to sell in good ol' £GBP because then there's absolutely no confusion in having to juggle exchange rates. I want to primarily reach fellow Britons, with a clean, smart looking interface. I want to promote UK sellers and i want to promote a UK market place.

One shop. One currency. One lot of promotions.


I haven't been there that long, and i haven't really explored its potential fully so why would I jump off the deep end head first into the unknown? Because so many sellers love it there. Its creator, Mathew really listens to what the sellers want. The interface is clean, as are the menus and catagories. I've signed up to be apart of the 'Coriandr Express' which is a member run promotional 'tool' which i think is fantastic, not only for the members of Coriandr but Coriandr its self! It is these things that have made me come to this decision. That and a EUROPE shipping option. The ONLY place i know of that has done this.

I don't have time to look after three shops. I don't want myself spread so thin over the internet. I want my items in one awesome place.

So in the coming weeks, expect a complete re-haul of TomatoTea - because i am totally dedicated to Coriandr.


bex said...

sounds like you have thought it through very well. myself and the person i sell with (el) have just had some awesome news on the old bricks and mortar shop front...dont want to say too much...but weve had to think about it alot...similar to you i guess. aslong as its the right decision for you...thats all that matters

TomatoTea said...

@bex Omg! If you are saying what i think you are saying that would be wonderful :D I really hope all goes well for you. As you say its a lot to think about, but if you believe in yourselves then really, there's very little to hold you back!

Stacey-Ann said...


In an effort to get my name out there I have several shops too and feel a bit scatterbrained whilst trying to maintain them. Most of my love goes into my Coriandr and Etsy shops and my instinct tells me to just concentrate on those two only. You're brave for taking this step and I wish you well with your decision. You might have even convinced me to do something similar!

I am one of those sellers who really love Coriandr, for all the reasons you stated and more but fear that if I only list there, I'm limiting my exposure. But with Coriandr Express ready to go I may not have to worry anymore. See you on the train!

Lisa said...

wow... 3 shops!!! I would agree that putting all of your wonderful stuff in one shop would be a good idea, and less stressful. Coriandr sounds like I really cool site.

GOOD LUCK with the move!!!

Molly said...

I tried to comment about this the other, but TypePad wasn't co-operating....

Brave decision! But I think a good one; Coriandr is very good, more so the more I think about it. I'll be updating my shops soon, and going to put a lot of effort into Coriandr. Don't think I'll get rid of my Folksy shop, but they'll definitely be even rather than Folksy as my main.

Hope the train is a great success!

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