Thursday, February 28

Lava Reef Scarf

Todays addition to the Etsy shop:

Flickr: Lava Reef Scarf
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Wednesday, February 27

Egg Beret and Scarflette Set

I love this set. Oh, i love everything, but i especially love the stitch of the scarflette. Not your conventional stocking stitch :) The scarflette has a cute crochet border created with a mohair, wool and nylon blend of yarn to finish it off. The beret and main body of the scarflette are hand knit from Rowan Spray, a 60% wool 40% acrylic blend of yarn.

This set will be available on Etsy:
  • Egg Beret and Scarflette Set:
    • 2008/02/27
    • At approx 17.00 GMT
    • £20 (US$40)
Tuesday, February 26

More Items on Etsy

Whoops. I've been listing every day like clockwork on Etsy at 5PM GMT, but i havent been blogging :o
Clicking the images will take you to their Etsy page :D

Flickr: Seascape Beret
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Flickr: Lava Reef Hat
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Saturday, February 23

While exploring the Etsy forums, i came across a topic about the website Its a UK based creative marketplace. Its ALOT like Etsy, and i hope to goodness that Etsy don't kick up a fuss about it. But its perfect for UK crafters. I think that if i were to send a UK customer to my Etsy store, they *may* assume that the items are based in the US, as Etsy only deals in US$. Pinkdoodles prices are in GBP. Another good point, fees ect can be paid through PayPal. I hate having to use a credit card on Etsy. Also, listing is currently free until March 5th - but its only 5p after that anyway :D

So. I have added a couple of items already:

My Pinkdoodle Shop

Thank you, Simply Knitting!


Just wow. I wasn't expecting this at all. I'd completely forgot about entering a competition in Simply Knitting Magazine. I have never won anything in my life and it was only on the off chance I entered.
It was funny when the Postie came to the door. I was sure i didnt order any more yarn etc, so i wasnt expecting a package. But as soon as I opened it i realised! It was such a great feeling, especially with things not being so fantastic at the moment. Maybe someone out there does like me :p

I think I will enter more magazine competitions in future :)
Wednesday, February 20


Two posts in one day.... I'm on fire :D

This has been an on going project. I randomly made a Chinchilla Hood (below) about a year ago as I saw a knitting pattern for something similar but I didn't know how to knit at the time.

So I made that prototype in crochet... but didnt write down the pattern. D'OH!
Now a year later, another prototype was made in very bright blue DK yarn... and being a little bit smarter, I wrote the pattern down :p

So a Mink colour hood is born, complete with pompoms instead of ears.

Plain Mink Hood
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

I'm sure you've guessed, these will soon be on Etsy. Im dying to make some different colours but my bank balance is telling me otherwise :o Hopefully they will sell well to help that problem out ;)
Of course, the design of an individual hood can be different from the example above. You could have:
  • Pointed ears
  • Round ears
  • No ears
  • Pom-poms
  • No pom-poms
  • Longer Ties
  • Shorter Ties

Heck, you can even specify if you don't want the ties - I can put a button on the bottom to fasten the hood instead :)

I'm thinking of starting these at £15 for plain ones (no ears, no pom-poms), £18 for either ears or pom-poms and £21 for both - the yarn isn't that cheap (its really nice and soft!), and they take a little time.

These will be available on Etsy:
  • Chinchilla Hood:
    • 2008/02/21
    • At approx 17.00 GMT
    • £18 (US$36)

  • Mink Hood:
    • 2008/02/22
    • At approx 17.00 GMT
    • £18 (US$36)

Nocturne Hat And Scarf Set

This is a little late, I should have posted this a couple of days ago, as I posted the set on dA already.

This set will be available on Etsy 20/02/2008, at approximately 17:00 GMT

Not in stock? Would you like a different colour? Feel free to email me!
Sunday, February 17

Because Quizes Are Fun

Wednesday, February 13

Busy Busy

Well its been a busy few days.

My partner is on holiday from work this week, so not much blogging i'm afraid! But thats not to say I haven't completed a few things!
I found some bargain yarn in a local superstore before the weekend. And i'm not talking about the usual 99p, 100% DK acrylic stuff. There is loads of Rowan Spray at 99p a ball... It usually retails at £7.95 a ball :o Best part is i love it. The unusual colours knit up beautifully into... well you'll see in a moment! I bought 12 balls of it already and depending on how the items i have made sell, i will definitely invest in some more of the stuff...

Landscape Graffiti Hat
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

Mellow Graffiti Hat
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

Seascape Graffiti Beret
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

I may experiment with crocheting it, but im not sure it would do it the same justice as knitting it up does...

Anyways. I've just uploaded pictures of most of my older crafty projects on to Flickr and soon, I hope to properly write about some of them in the 'traditional archive' of this site, especially the ones that will go into my new Etsy shop. Talking of older projects...

Freedom Spirit Bolero
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

This was completed.... about 3 weeks ago now i think. It was my first knitted garment and i am so proud of it. The yarn is Twilley's Freedom Spirit, shade 'Earth' and i am in love with the stuff. I have a book of the first patterns and there are a couple of other items i would like to make. I already made a Beret in 'Energy' :D

Freedom Spirit Beret
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

I've also got a pattern for a hooded cardigan XD

Obsessed, no?
So. How are the other projects going i hear you ask? Well, as you can see i got side tracked with the super awesome cool yarn. But i do miss knitting with smaller pins. I know larger ones knit quicker, but they don't 'glide' as well as smaller ones do. But heck i don't care. Chunky is awesome.
I'm now active again on deviantArt and as i said earlier, i have a new Etsy shop in the making.... which is linked in the sidebar but... theres nothing there yet >.>;
I'll keep you posted : D
Friday, February 8

Current Works In Progress...

Well its about time I posted what my current projects are as there are couple going on simultaneously at the moment.

First up, my current knitting project. Its a cable cardigan made with Sirdar Click DK (Pattern no. 8956).

Click Cable Cardigan WIP
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

Its slow progress on the back as I'm only just getting used to cabling! I'll have you know this is only my second knitting project ;) ... I really should get some pictures of me wearing the first..

Click Cable Cardigan WIP
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

My second WIP is a crocheted shrug, which can be found in the wonderful book 'Crochet Me'.
It wasn't smooth sailing to begin with on this garment you know. I did a couple of tension squares, one in Sirdar Snuggly DK and one in the stated Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The Snuggly was WAY off. The length was okay but the rows were way out. And to be honest, even with the stated yarn, my tension isn't quite there. Its slightly bigger but as it stands what you see being made could be called a size 32 (so Small to Medium). Thats close enough for me!

Crochet Me Shrug WIP
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

Im hoping to get a new Etsy shop running very soon. I have a lot of completed projects I could sell. Which would be great as I need room for my current ones and future ones :D Im also hoping to get back on deviantArt by the end of this week. I miss that place so much. The people there are wonderful, i made so many friends, yet I haven't been there properly for about 6 months :( ... i'm coming back guys!
Tuesday, February 5

Shrove Tuesday... Pancake Day!

Crochet Pancake closeup

I love pancake day.

Well, I love pancakes, and you can eat them when you like :D
Which is good because I forgot to get some eggs :(

So instead I decided to crochet some instead. I guess this is a healthier option.

I can't wait until the spring. There will be more natural light for longer - meaning better photographs :)

Crochet Pancakes

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