Saturday, October 16

A Vlog test

Knit Vlog Test from TomatoTea (Katrina) on Vimeo.

Decided to try out Vloging. I kind of like it.

Don't worry, there's no talking in this video. Just super fast knitting.
Time lapse is certainly one of my favourite film techniques, showing an event that takes a lot of time in just a few minutes.
Planning on doing this for as many crafty projects as possible, hoping that it will keep me inspired and let me see how far I have come with projects and finish them!
Friday, July 2

Its been a while, but heres something I made earlier....


Remember me?

Too much has been going on, so i'll just jump right back into blogging.

Starting with a little make.

Today, I needed to make some shortbread and chocolate chip cookies for my Niece's birthday party this Sunday. Unfortunately the main ingredient for the cookies was missing - chocolate chips! Now for some reason, I was under the impression these would be easy to find and reasonably priced at my local supermarket.

Nope. £1.49 for 100g. Or am I behind on the times when it comes to pricing?

Anyway, I put the price down to the packaging because although it wasn't fancy, the chocolate chips were in quite a sturdy little container. Not just loose in a bag which is what I normally plump for.

But having baked the cookies and tidyed up, I thought the little tube would make a nice container instead of just chucking it in the recycling. Being the crafty, hording type, I LOVE any form of storage. So I decided to pretty it up, and this is what I did:

What you need:
  • Container to cover
  • Fabric or paper you wish to cover your container with
  • PVA Glue
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Pen or Pencil
  • Ruler
  • String or Tape Measure

1. First of all, you need to find out the circumference of your container. This is where the string (or yarn in my case. Being a knitter there's loads of this lying around) comes in handy. Of course, if you have a tape measure, you could just use that. Wrap it loosely around your container and have it overlap by say half an inch and cut.

2. Measure your bit of string and take note of the measurement.

3. Next, measure the height of your container.

4. Using these measurements, mark out on your fabric or paper the circumference measurement and height measurement to make a rectangle. I used a fading fabric pen here.

5. Cut this out as neatly and precisely as you can. Probably easier to do with paper as fabric has a mind of its own. Or it does when I cut it.

6. Apply PVA Glue to your tube, taking note to apply liberally around the top and bottom edges and where your overlap will be.

7. Apply your fabric or paper to your container, adjusting it so it covers all of the tube.

And there you have it. A nice little tube to pop in anything you like. You could even decorate the lid by drawing around the base and cutting out some pretty paper or fabric to fit into the top.

Pretty simple, but simply pretty. And useful too.

Friday, March 26

WIP Wed Thurs Friday


I love 'em.

Here are the finished ones from the last WIP blog posts. These will go on to OOAK tomorrow morning.

Heres another in progress knit up in Noro Silk Garden. Yum!


Old paper has been torn up to be made into another recycled journal and buttons have been sewn onto hair snaps for myself.

P1250796     P1250797

In other news, OOAK are looking to interview UK crafters for their blog so do get in contact if you fancy a bit of free exposure.
Wednesday, March 17

WIP Wednesday


Seeing as I have a huge collection of buttons, i thought it best to use them for something! Although not entirely original, I've been making button hair slides which is actually quite addictive and good fun.


I was given a spark of inspiration from a friend of mine. She sewed buttons on to canvases in the shape of a heart in her friends favourite colours. Being a button maniac, i thought, why not cover a whole canvas in buttons?

Hot Treacle Neckerchief

I've been making neckerchiefs ready for this winter. I've got so much hand dyed yarn laying around, I thought i'd knit up a ball to see what it looks like. This yarn is called Hot Treacle :D

In other news, i've been beavering away working on with a friend of mine. Its a small collective of UK artisans selling their work in one place. It opens up for business this Saturday, so if you have time, i'd really appreciate you guys having look and giving any feedback!
Wednesday, March 10

Holy smokes! She posted something!

Well, its been a while, hasn’t it?

Apologies to everyone who follows and reads this blog. I am still making and in fact blogging, but have neglected The Crafty Tea Break for far too long.

Usually, this is where i’d type about what i’ve been doing and why I haven’t been blogging.

But i’m not going to do that.

Instead, i’m just going to post pictures and get right back to it!

Ps - Happy Belated 2010!

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