Saturday, May 30

Coriandr Express: Kitty Ballistic

The Coriandr Express has arrived again and today i'd like to tell you a little bit about our VIP.

Helen of Kitty Ballistic is a Brit who now lives and works in the beautiful country of Holland. She is a fantastic artisan who loves to create jewellery from beads she finds that either remind her of flowers or sweets! She only uses beads that are fun and bright to look at and this is so clear in her Coriandr Shop.

These earrings are just one of my favourite items in Helen's shop. I think one of the reasons i love them so much the the brilliant macro photo of them. You can clearly see the beautiful green swirls on them and the lovely silver heishi beads that have been used to complete them!

Jewellery is not the only passion Helen has. Meet Christine, the sweet felt aubergine - I wonder if Helen intended for the name to rhyme? Its just so fitting! Once you read the absolutely wonderful description for Christine, you can't help but fall in love with her. It seems odd to say this, but I felt completely drawn in by Christines gaze, even though she is an inanimate object! Thats great photography for you. I'm sure someone will snap up Christine in no time and she'll be whisked away to look lovingly at her new owner!

These felt fortune cookies would make lovely party favours! Helen can even personalise the fortune for you if you'd like them specific to your guests! The would also, as Helen suggests in the description, make a lovely Valentines gift - great for leaving on your Valentines desk or to send in the post to them!

Helen is a wonderful person, very friendly and lots of fun! If you're on Twitter, I would really recommend following her tweets! She shares some really wonderful links. Also, be sure to visit her blog. And if you like her work, why not become a fan on Facebook!


Anonymous said...

Those blue earrings are my favourites too. They remind me of marbles. :)

chainSHAW said...

those fortune cookies could be the greatest idea ever.

bex said...

wow! im going to \check her twitter! christine is sooo cool

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