Wednesday, May 20

Coriandr Express: DigTheEarth Day 3

Today, i wanted to show you how brilliant Dig The Earth's customer service is.

For a start, i ordered a custom POP! birthday card on Monday morning. I received an email from Kev thanking me for my order and that he would make and send it asap :)

Well, for a custom card to come within a couple of days, i think thats amazing. The packaging is very professional too! All printed nicely with one of his designs on the side :) There was a piece of cardboard in there to make sure the card did not get bent either!

And the card, well see for yourself:

And theres even a thank you note.

Hows that for customer service?
Remember, Kevin's cards are HALF PRICE in his Coriandr shop until the end of May. Do not miss out on this wonderful seller!


Dig The Earth said...

Thank you so much for not one but THREE(!!!) fantastic posts about Dig The Earth this week. I'm so glad that you like the card :)

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