Wednesday, December 31



Where did 2008 go!? Seriously, this year has suddenly flown by for me. Perhaps its due to looking forward to New Zealand so much that I have wished the time away. That or its working 9-5.30, Mon-Fri for I don't know how long now!

Eee, that reminds me. I finish on Friday. 2 days left. I don't know if I'm pleased or sad. I do like working in that shop, but I couldn't do it as a full time job, or at least I can't see myself doing it.

Which brings me to resolutions. Sort of.

I have to admit, I'm in the frame of mind of thinking "2009 doesn't start until March for me". So, I guess I'm thinking of when I'm back from New Zealand, that's when I want to make these 'changes' to my life... perhaps 'changes' is too strong a word.

Anyway, I'm babbling.

Here's my resolutions:

1) To make TomatoTea more successful.
2) Not to get so hung up about things being perfect (ie drawings and art - products HAVE to be perfect!).
3) To enjoy and make use of my holiday in New Zealand.

I know these resolutions are kind of generalised. Particularly the first one - I need to define what 'more successful' means to me. I have an idea in my head, but its kinda fuzzy and this is where resolutions aren't usually kept.

Perhaps its a case of me not wanting to drone on about it here. That and probably laziness.

Anyhoo, I wish everyone a great 2009 :)
Monday, December 22

Why, Hallo thar.

... yeah. Busy.

Its sort of crazy busy at work. Although, I expect this week to be the worst of it. Only 3 days. Well, and Friday :/ I hate working Boxing day. But I won't go on about that.

4 weeks on Wednesday until New Zealand. 8D I can't believe it!! I remember when it was 13 weeks and I was excited! I am really going to try and blog at least once a week while I'm there.

Anyhoo, here's a little look at what I have been up to lately. Although, this is only a small amount :o A fair few sales on Etsy/Dawanda too. Surprising seeing how people are being careful with their money and looking for bargains...

Ice Cream Buttons Commissioned Bear Hood
P1000070 Christmas Shortbread
Andy's Hat
Monday, November 17
OKAY! Quick post before i start work :)

I have never been so busy in my life. My goodness i'm glad the bookshop have now taken me on full-time now, even if it is only up until the new year. I'll be earning more because a) i'm doing a few more hours and b) because im not working 2 jobs i won't get taxed 22% and c) i should technically get my tax back that i paid last month... and possibly this month which will be like £300.

That's disgusting isn't it? Getting taxed 22% just because I had to work two jobs because i couldn't get any extra hours because of this whole recession business. It wasn't fair. I seriously think the hours should be added up from the two jobs and treated like one job. Besides, employers prefer part timers because they are cheaper :/


Anyhoo. Besides working in shops, i have also been making stuff. Here's a quick preview of one of the many things i have been doing...

P1000003 P1000007

I'll be back later to tell you more. But for now, i need to get ready to go to work :o

Hope everyone is well!
Thursday, October 2

Lack of updating again. But a lot has been going on!

I started my second part time job on 22nd September and i have very little time for things now. Particularly Mon-Wed as i start my morning job at 07.30, finish at 11.30, rush home for lunch and start at my afternoon job at 13.00, for another 4 hours of working minimum wage. Its not bad but its not ideal either. But as i announced over on dA im off to New Zealand for 5 weeks in January so i have something to work towards and it really helps me get through those 3 hard days. Thursday and Friday are okay, as i only have the afternoon job to go to, so my mornings are free. And of course, weekends but as we all know, those get eaten up very quickly.

I was also ill last Thursday for 4 days... so i've lost 8 hours pay but im hoping to make that up somewhere along the line when things get busier at Christmas. But my gosh i never want to feel that ill again, ever. I have never felt that sick. I'll spare you the details though ;)

On some positive notes, i was asked at my morning job to do a "photo shoot" tomorrow morning for advertising. Its a craft store so i'll be doing some knitting and i think there's some sort of 'story' or something that the marketing lady is going to write for it.
Uh, as you can see, i have no idea what its all about really. But im getting paid to do it and its a big help :)

Also, my sister-in-law had a 'Yummy Mummy' event and asked for me to show some of my stuff. Unfortunately, it was day i fell ill but luckily i had already printed some leaflets and got my stuff together ready for it so a friend picked it up and took it over for me. Good thing too, as a very nice lady is very interested in knitted toys for her shop! So wish me luck!

...and thats basically whats been going on. Theres loads of other things ive been up to, like making my own Niddy Noddy out of PVC piping and i spun and plied my first yarn...and i started dying yarn again, but this time using natural ingredents, such as tea, grapes and stinging nettles. But i think i will talk about that another time.

Well done and thank you if you read this far :)
I'll leave it there for now, i really hope everyone is doing well.

Oh, two more things. The awesome and sweet Sally bought me a 3 month subscription for dA and i will be making use of it this weekend and catch up with a lot of my friends over there :)
And finally the blog on is now going to purely be for 'documenting' new products i add on the internet. Having a mirrored blog is silly i guess. And extra work.

Phew! Thanks for listening reading!
Monday, September 15


Just signed up to, a UK based handmade, non-commercial online marketplace. Loving it already :D

I decided to list my purses on there for now - i may put a couple on DaWanda too. Not sure why im avoiding listing them on Etsy, i guess because listings get buried so quickly. That and Folksy is UK exclusive and listings are in good old GBP£.

...which leaves the question: what about

Well, its like i said to one of my online friends, Sally. Not much is happening over there. Yes its free (for now) but how long do we have to wait for a subdomain? Folksy already has this :o It cant be that hard, surely?

I also don’t want to be spread to thin over the internet. I think the three regional ones are where i will stay for now :)

...oh yeah. Green background and stuff. Much fresher i think :) How about you guys?

Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
Purses Batch 1

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Saturday, September 13


Musings follow, skip this bit if you don’t care for reading my train of thought :p

I feel lately I have been stretching myself too thinly with too many crafts. My problem is I love learning new things and new techniques and well, my ideas are all over the place. It needs to stop! XD So lets see, what have i tried...

1. Crochet
2. Knitting
3. Hand dyeing yarn

4. Jewellery Making
5. Sewing
6. Screen Printing
7. Sculpture
8. Making Fimo/Sculpey Charms

I have a feeling I’ve been to ‘broad’ with some of these craft types (Like sewing includes making lining for crochet bags but also plushies, which I'm not too keen on now days :/ ). But in any case i have highlighted the crafts i REALLY enjoy and get on with fine.

...And to me it seems like textiles is the answer. Not all aspects, but most i guess.

Its not that i didn’t enjoy making sculpey stuff, for example. However, there are loads of sculpey artisans out there that do a fantastic job with their handmade charms etc which i dont have the hands and patience for. I will probably try my hand at it again for my own personal use or gifts. Same with jewellery making. I have so many beads and findings stored away... but i know if i give it away/sell it, i’ll need something!!

I guess what i’m trying to figure out is where i need to concentrate my skills. More so for my future, something to base a small business on. And as sad as it sounds the 3 at the top get me excited. I love making a ball of yarn into SOMETHING, you know? And what’s more, if i hand dyed that yarn myself - even more exciting :D

The not so boring bit


I have been busy. I love being busy with stuff. Makes me feel like I'm actually doing something. By which I mean, not just sitting around watching tv or working or something. Oh, i know what i mean. I wont pile everything i’ve been doing into one post, otherwise the projects will get lost under my stupid “train of thought” essay thingy up there :)

Theres more photos on Flickr (just click one of the pictures).

Not sure where to list them though.... I may dip my toe further into the DaWanda pool. Or just share them out a bit.... or something.

Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
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Thursday, September 4

Christmas in August

Way back in June, the Artisan Crafts Club over on deviantArt kicked off the ‘Christmas in August’ Event. Deviants who participated were given the name of another deviant to make a box and gift for. Kind of like a big artisan secret santa :D We knew who we made something for but we didn’t know who would be making something in return.

My deviant was ZyPressQ. I knew she liked making plushies so i put together a little treasure chest of supplies to make a couple. The chest was a paper mache box bought from a craft store and I ‘prettied’ it up by covering it in wood paper, gold pen and lined the inside too.

DeviantArt Artisan Crafts Club: Christmas in August

I have to admit i was worried when i didn’t receive a box in August, but my ‘gifter’ dropped me a note to let me know all is well and i was excited all over again :D

I received it yesterday....


I cannot tell you how happy i was when i opened it all up :D First of all i squeed with delight at the box itself.

Christmas In August

I LOVE anything anyone makes of my character Maroon <3 And well i think what was inside the box (after i took it all out of the package and put it in there XD) will speak for itself :) Thank you Sally!!!!

Christmas In August Christmas In August
Christmas In August Christmas In August
Christmas In August Christmas In August
Monday, September 1

Roxy Wrap FO

Wow. I never thought i would finish this.

Whats more is that i LIKE it. I have really surprised myself :o I think i will be wearing this during Autumn/Winter.

Originally when i started it i liked it.... then i read some things around the internet about how most people dislike fancy yarns, and found blogs about “What not to Knit/Crochet” and it had me quaking in my boots!

But i persevered. I finished it. Mostly because i wanted to start on my new cotton cardigan and this had been laying around for well over 6 months.

But really. It fits. Its comfortable. Its warm - not hot. And I will wear it.

Wendy Roxy Wrap Complete Wendy Roxy Wrap Complete

...Unlike my poor first project... *sigh* I LOVE that bolero. But its 100% wool. Too hot, not practical, a little on the small side... but never mind. It was my first clothing project and all in all that was a success too.

Freedom Spirit Bolero

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Sunday, August 24

WIPs and FOs

Busy busy.

Heres a little look at what i’ve been up to :)

Chunky Berets Toy Bag

Roxy Wrap WIP Roxy Wrap WIP

Star Blanket WIP Beach Star Necklace

Lockets Lockets


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Monday, August 11

YouTube Crafty Treat

Its probably been seen by many before but I just had to share.

Some may say ‘Whats the point in that?”

I say, its a very creative mind at work. Think of the presentational opportunities for chefs (with hygienic gloves or something of course ;))!!

mirrored from
Sunday, August 10

Alive and Kicking

A kick up the bum is in order i believe.

Consider it done.


Tell me what you think. I'll be mirroring posts from that blog over here too, just in case... something goes wrong.... cause its bound to really, isnt it?

Uhh, it might take some time to load. Or not. I dont really know. Which is quite helpful, dont you think? I think if you just navigate away from a page that seems to be taking forever and go back to it, it'll load. Or you may not have any trouble at all.

One can dream, anyway :)
Monday, July 14

Thank you, Nina :)

Thanks, Nina!

Best surprise ever.

Big hugs for you!

Also... i may be getting back into sculpey :o I haven't touched my stash of the stuff for a long time now. But as i'm gearing towards supplies, i think i will make some charms. I have looked into buying some plastic/acrylic etc ones... but to be honest im not sure of the quality. Like the paint is all over the place and although they are cute, i just don think its good enough. So. Wish me luck.

...Still no joy for the screen printing either. The sun doesn't want to come out when i'm available to do it!! Doh.
Thursday, July 10
Available on: Etsy // DaWanda // PinkDoodle

Fabric Covered Buttons - Cakes

Sunday, July 6

Damn you, UK Weather!

It hasn't rained properly for about 6 weeks.

Today, the day i would have liked to have exposed my screen for printing and it is absolutely tipping it down.

Sod's law or what?

And to top it all off, i have a cold or chest infection or something.

It's July for goodness sake. I feel like absolute sh..


Friday, July 4

Last Thursday continued...

I never got round to explaining the unpleasantness last Thursday (26th June).

After a great day out at Weymouth, i came back to find the post. I had been expecting a package and was a little disappointed it hadn't arrived but thought it would arrive the next day. Next thing i know, my Mum was watering the front garden and found some rubbish. She was about to throw it away when she saw my name and our address on there. It was the remains of a package - the contents had been half-inched :/

I cannot tell you how angry I am.

The postman is an idiot. Our regular one was on holiday - he would have done the right thing and taken it back to the sorting office. But no. On that particular day when i was expecting a £22 package, the new guy leaves it outside in plain view for someone to steal. Laziness. Pure and simple. I'll be writing a letter of complaint... not that anything will come of it. That postman needs to be physically told NOT to leave parcels outside someones house. Geez, he could have used his noggin and left it with one of the neighbors. Thats safer than leaving it outside.

Anyway. Unfortunatly the company have run out of stock of that item, are filling a compensation claim and giving me a refund. Its sad really as its not their fault at all. But this is sods law. I found somewhere else that stocks the stuff... its a little bit more expensive but never mind. The next two days im staying put - im not letting some idiots (most likely kids) nick something that:

a) Doesnt belong to them
and b) Something which they will not have known what it was for. Seriously - who steals photo emulsion... apart from a screen printer of course :p

Ah well. The main point is, im getting a refund :)

Sunday, June 29
Available on: Etsy // DaWanda // PinkDoodle

Orange and Red Strawberry Buttons

Saturday, June 28
Available on: Etsy // DaWanda // PinkDoodle

Cherry Buttons

Friday, June 27

New Supplies

Well, after yesterdays events (i'll explain tomorrow :/) it was a nice surprise to recieve some more supplies today. I've posted the first lot of buttons on Etsy already and will be adding them for the next couple of days at around 17:00 BST (UK).

Flat Strawberry Buttons

I set up shop over on DaWanda today :) Its a very nice place and i really dont know why i didnt sign up sooner.

The trip over to Weymouth yesterday was fantastic.

Weymouth 2008/06/26 Weymouth 2008/06/26

It was so nice to get away from home even if it was only for half a day. My mum and I took the train and on the hour long journey watched the world go by. And well, i couldnt not take my knitting with me XD

Weymouth 2008/06/26

But seriously. It was a perfect summers day, exactly what i expect from our British summer - blue skies with a few stray clouds to add interest. I love clouds <3

Weymouth 2008/06/26 Weymouth 2008/06/26

We explored a lot this time round. We usually stay near the town and sea front. But we went up by Nothe (?) Gardens and found a nice little walk around there :)
Ahhh. Till next time, Weymouth.
Wednesday, June 25
I have fallen in love with a few of the patterns in Rowans 'Big It Up' Pattern book.

Alas, the yarn is priced at £7.25 a ball :/ Its a pitty the store i work at doesn't carry all the colours as i could save a hefty 25%. Even so, the projects would still cost around £50

Maybe i should start playing the lottery :3

In other news...

Projects are ticking along behind the scenes. Now that the cameras battery can charge ( i think i broke the charger... >.>; ) i will be taking some pictures shortly.

In the meantime, i'm off to Weymouth tomorrow. It will be nice to get away from here, even if its only for the day. I love beaches. Doesn't matter where, i love them. I feel at home. And boy, does that sound corny :3

Sunday, June 22

deviantArt Silent Auction & Contest for the AC Gallery

devaintArt News Link

I've decided to participate in this silent auction. I think i'm right when i say 1 in 3 of of are directly effected by breast cancer (either by having it ourselves or knowing some one who has had it). So for this great cause i'm going to make something for the auction. My initial thought was either a pink purse or pink bag (pink being the colour for Breast Cancer Awareness)... or perhaps both as a set :)

Donations are accepted until the 20th July, so theres some time for us all to donate something! :)
Saturday, June 21

New Buttons For Sale :D

Apple Buttons
Thursday, June 19

I can't find any fabrics I'd like to sell...

...So i'll make my own :)

Yup. I'm gonna screen print my own fabrics. Or at least for the moment i will be exploring this. I'll be buying a kit tomorrow from work (discount for experiments = DANGEROUS XD), I've ordered two, 2 meter lengths of fabric to print on and i have some designs floating around in my head :)

I think i'll print on some of my parcel roll too, as well as some left over wall paper we have... could make for nice wrapping paper :O

Wish me luck and stay tuned.

... and i wish my new button stock would arrive soon :( Need to list some new supplies to keep the interest going.
Tuesday, June 17

New Items

Available on etsy :)

Heart Rings Button Assortment A
Saturday, June 14


Woah! Those buttons are selling like hot cakes on Etsy! I won't have any left if it keeps going like this! I will need to find a new supplier if i run out :/ But i have different stock on the way. I have a feeling this was a good investment... or at least, I hope it was.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I also posted unwanted items on eBay too. I never dreamt of selling so much on there O_O; same with these buttons i suppose.

Perhaps supplying buttons will be my new calling...

Guess the next few months will tell me.
Wednesday, June 11

Supplies For Sale!

The buttons came and are now up for sale on my Etsy :) Click the pictures for individual listings.

Mushroom Buttons

Mushroom Buttons Mushroom Buttons

More will be added over the next few days.

I will also be adding a few listings to eBay as well, as it is 5p listing day tomorrow :o

Wish me luck.

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