Monday, May 18

Coriandr Express: DigTheEarth Day 1

Today is the big day! The train has left and the first VIP is DigTheEarth.

If you need a unique and jazzy card for a Birthday, Anniversary or just something to say "Hi", this is the place to find it!

I personally have my eye on the POP! Birthday card. My Dads 60th is coming up and as a family, its something we want to shout about :D

These cards are really good value too. £2 for a card? You'd pay more than that in normal card shop, especially for lovely cards like his. And only an extra 75p to have a customised one, like the POP! Birthday card! Not only that, but if you buy 3 or 5 cards, he gives a pretty nice discount! There really is no excuse!
AND to really put the icing on the cake, he is offering his cards for HALF PRICE during May in his Coriandr Shop. You really shouldn't pass up this offer :D

Want to find out more about this fantastic seller? Head on over to the Coriandr Express Blog and see what the other train riders are saying! I'll be posting more tomorrow and Wednesday! So stay tuned here as well! :)


Molly said...

I'm always surprised and shocked when I see how much regular cards are in shops! You can't get anything remotely nice for less than £4 these days - handmade cards are soooo much nicer.

bex said...

your right, that is really cheap

Ruby Spirit Designs said...

Nice blog post! I love Dig's cards, I'm lucky enough to have seen them all 'in the flesh' and they're gorgeous.

Dig The Earth said...

Thank you so much for the article! It's much appreciated :D

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