Monday, June 1

June Giveaway

Now that June has arrived I wanted to get some monthly giveaways going! This month will be this totally shocking hand dyed yarn!

Pear Drop

The yarn was from a batch which was rescued from being thrown away about a year ago. Using the yarns in that batch I dyed to my hearts content, playing with all kinds of dyes and colours :D I wanted to share this with you guys so i am now going to be giving away one skein a month!

This particular skein is 1 of 2 I called "Pear Drop", as it reminded me of the sweets of the same name! Theres over 72 meters of this 50% wool, 50% nylon blend which will knit up nicely on 4.5mm to 5.5 mm needles or alternatively a 5-6mm hook!

All you need to do is comment on this post for a chance to win :) On the 8th June, i'll use a random number generator to pick a comment and the author of the comment will win! Huzzah! :D And please, only comment once!


Lottie said...

I remember pear drops. :D I've been keeping one eye on your lovely hand-dyed yarns, Ms. Tea, with interest - I like the grey one. I haven't commented on the prices because I mostly buy sock yarn, and I reckon £10 for a 100g skein is the going rate but unfortunately I don't know if that's the case for others. I think the best thing is to assess how much it costs you to make it, in time and effort and materials, and charge accordingly. A fair price is a very important thing, and you need to value your abilities too. :) I hope that helps!

On a vaguely similar note, I have given away some of your business cards! To people on Bookcrossing, bookmooch and eBay so far. :) I thought it'd do you some good to get them circulating in areas they wouldn't normally get to, but it wasn't deliberate - that's just what I've posted so far!

Good luck, and I look forward to telling everyone about your sexy hand-dyed yarn when it's your stop on the train!


Autonomous Artisans said...

Ooo what pretty coloured yarn! Great job! Pear drops, licorice and pineapple chunks used to be my favourite sweets as a kid. Mmmmmm yummy!

alicestronaut said...

This is really beautiful yarn! I just discovered you through Lottie :) Now I'm off for an explore around your blog x

claire montgomerie said...

I love it, and it reminds me of another sweet - fruit salads - remember those?! i loved them too. :)

Lisa said...

Giving away one skein a month?!?!?!?! Did I read that right??? That's AWESOME!!!

I love that yarn!! So bright and colorful!!! :)

Anonymous said...

That yarn is beautiful, the colours remind me of a pretty sunset. My dad used to buy pear drops to eat in the car when we were little :-) Love your blog.

Amy x

Lottie said...

Claire is right - it *is* like fruit salads! :)

bex said...

those colours are great!! thanks for running the give away!

princesskitten said...

gosh thats so pretty - what shall I DO WITH IT? Knit - or use it as fibres on a card - oh, oh, french knitting and tassels!

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