Saturday, May 9

Craft 365: Week 3 / PIF

Crafting 365: Week 3

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Its been a slow week craft wise. It started off well with the dyeing but due to my own impatience, it sagged. However, on Friday you can see that something did arrive! I spent the afternoon building it and have had a play on it and I LOVE it. So watch this space for fiber related goodies.

Pay It Forward

The PIF folks have been chosen!! I'll be contacting the following people for their addresses so I can send them their goodies :)
Blackberry Crafts

Thanks to the people who took part!

I'm thinking of doing more giveaways, perhaps once a month at the beginning of each month, so watch out when June comes along :)


bex said...

ohhh, sounds interesting. thanks for your compliments about the sewing machine love to say that u did the embroidery but that would be a fib, im not sure what they used to be (maybe napkins) but i found them in a charity shop...sewed the one side together and voila!! But i did embroider the eyes on the little summer monster.

Anonymous said...

Great! Hooraaaaaay for the wheels ;)


chainSHAW said...

the triangle shaped fabric put a thought into my head.

a knitted fake beard. one that is obviously fake but can be all ribboned with different pieces of fabric. kinda like a beard a muppet would wear.

and now i want one.

verena said...

Ooooo I love to knit and these were a feast for the eyes!

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