Friday, July 4

Last Thursday continued...

I never got round to explaining the unpleasantness last Thursday (26th June).

After a great day out at Weymouth, i came back to find the post. I had been expecting a package and was a little disappointed it hadn't arrived but thought it would arrive the next day. Next thing i know, my Mum was watering the front garden and found some rubbish. She was about to throw it away when she saw my name and our address on there. It was the remains of a package - the contents had been half-inched :/

I cannot tell you how angry I am.

The postman is an idiot. Our regular one was on holiday - he would have done the right thing and taken it back to the sorting office. But no. On that particular day when i was expecting a £22 package, the new guy leaves it outside in plain view for someone to steal. Laziness. Pure and simple. I'll be writing a letter of complaint... not that anything will come of it. That postman needs to be physically told NOT to leave parcels outside someones house. Geez, he could have used his noggin and left it with one of the neighbors. Thats safer than leaving it outside.

Anyway. Unfortunatly the company have run out of stock of that item, are filling a compensation claim and giving me a refund. Its sad really as its not their fault at all. But this is sods law. I found somewhere else that stocks the stuff... its a little bit more expensive but never mind. The next two days im staying put - im not letting some idiots (most likely kids) nick something that:

a) Doesnt belong to them
and b) Something which they will not have known what it was for. Seriously - who steals photo emulsion... apart from a screen printer of course :p

Ah well. The main point is, im getting a refund :)


Dirk said...

What a dork ....

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