Friday, June 27

New Supplies

Well, after yesterdays events (i'll explain tomorrow :/) it was a nice surprise to recieve some more supplies today. I've posted the first lot of buttons on Etsy already and will be adding them for the next couple of days at around 17:00 BST (UK).

Flat Strawberry Buttons

I set up shop over on DaWanda today :) Its a very nice place and i really dont know why i didnt sign up sooner.

The trip over to Weymouth yesterday was fantastic.

Weymouth 2008/06/26 Weymouth 2008/06/26

It was so nice to get away from home even if it was only for half a day. My mum and I took the train and on the hour long journey watched the world go by. And well, i couldnt not take my knitting with me XD

Weymouth 2008/06/26

But seriously. It was a perfect summers day, exactly what i expect from our British summer - blue skies with a few stray clouds to add interest. I love clouds <3

Weymouth 2008/06/26 Weymouth 2008/06/26

We explored a lot this time round. We usually stay near the town and sea front. But we went up by Nothe (?) Gardens and found a nice little walk around there :)
Ahhh. Till next time, Weymouth.


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