Thursday, September 4

Christmas in August

Way back in June, the Artisan Crafts Club over on deviantArt kicked off the ‘Christmas in August’ Event. Deviants who participated were given the name of another deviant to make a box and gift for. Kind of like a big artisan secret santa :D We knew who we made something for but we didn’t know who would be making something in return.

My deviant was ZyPressQ. I knew she liked making plushies so i put together a little treasure chest of supplies to make a couple. The chest was a paper mache box bought from a craft store and I ‘prettied’ it up by covering it in wood paper, gold pen and lined the inside too.

DeviantArt Artisan Crafts Club: Christmas in August

I have to admit i was worried when i didn’t receive a box in August, but my ‘gifter’ dropped me a note to let me know all is well and i was excited all over again :D

I received it yesterday....


I cannot tell you how happy i was when i opened it all up :D First of all i squeed with delight at the box itself.

Christmas In August

I LOVE anything anyone makes of my character Maroon <3 And well i think what was inside the box (after i took it all out of the package and put it in there XD) will speak for itself :) Thank you Sally!!!!

Christmas In August Christmas In August
Christmas In August Christmas In August
Christmas In August Christmas In August


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