Monday, September 1

Roxy Wrap FO

Wow. I never thought i would finish this.

Whats more is that i LIKE it. I have really surprised myself :o I think i will be wearing this during Autumn/Winter.

Originally when i started it i liked it.... then i read some things around the internet about how most people dislike fancy yarns, and found blogs about “What not to Knit/Crochet” and it had me quaking in my boots!

But i persevered. I finished it. Mostly because i wanted to start on my new cotton cardigan and this had been laying around for well over 6 months.

But really. It fits. Its comfortable. Its warm - not hot. And I will wear it.

Wendy Roxy Wrap Complete Wendy Roxy Wrap Complete

...Unlike my poor first project... *sigh* I LOVE that bolero. But its 100% wool. Too hot, not practical, a little on the small side... but never mind. It was my first clothing project and all in all that was a success too.

Freedom Spirit Bolero

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