Wednesday, December 31



Where did 2008 go!? Seriously, this year has suddenly flown by for me. Perhaps its due to looking forward to New Zealand so much that I have wished the time away. That or its working 9-5.30, Mon-Fri for I don't know how long now!

Eee, that reminds me. I finish on Friday. 2 days left. I don't know if I'm pleased or sad. I do like working in that shop, but I couldn't do it as a full time job, or at least I can't see myself doing it.

Which brings me to resolutions. Sort of.

I have to admit, I'm in the frame of mind of thinking "2009 doesn't start until March for me". So, I guess I'm thinking of when I'm back from New Zealand, that's when I want to make these 'changes' to my life... perhaps 'changes' is too strong a word.

Anyway, I'm babbling.

Here's my resolutions:

1) To make TomatoTea more successful.
2) Not to get so hung up about things being perfect (ie drawings and art - products HAVE to be perfect!).
3) To enjoy and make use of my holiday in New Zealand.

I know these resolutions are kind of generalised. Particularly the first one - I need to define what 'more successful' means to me. I have an idea in my head, but its kinda fuzzy and this is where resolutions aren't usually kept.

Perhaps its a case of me not wanting to drone on about it here. That and probably laziness.

Anyhoo, I wish everyone a great 2009 :)


Dirk said...

Happy new year 2009 to you too! Make it great and have fun in your between-years holiday in New Zealand ;)

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