Wednesday, June 25
I have fallen in love with a few of the patterns in Rowans 'Big It Up' Pattern book.

Alas, the yarn is priced at £7.25 a ball :/ Its a pitty the store i work at doesn't carry all the colours as i could save a hefty 25%. Even so, the projects would still cost around £50

Maybe i should start playing the lottery :3

In other news...

Projects are ticking along behind the scenes. Now that the cameras battery can charge ( i think i broke the charger... >.>; ) i will be taking some pictures shortly.

In the meantime, i'm off to Weymouth tomorrow. It will be nice to get away from here, even if its only for the day. I love beaches. Doesn't matter where, i love them. I feel at home. And boy, does that sound corny :3


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