Monday, July 14

Thank you, Nina :)

Thanks, Nina!

Best surprise ever.

Big hugs for you!

Also... i may be getting back into sculpey :o I haven't touched my stash of the stuff for a long time now. But as i'm gearing towards supplies, i think i will make some charms. I have looked into buying some plastic/acrylic etc ones... but to be honest im not sure of the quality. Like the paint is all over the place and although they are cute, i just don think its good enough. So. Wish me luck.

...Still no joy for the screen printing either. The sun doesn't want to come out when i'm available to do it!! Doh.


Anonymous said...



As for the charms goes... go girl! I know your's will be much better than the plastic ones. Just pay attention when inserting the hook... I think it really needs to be the kind that you screw in the charm or they will be able to fall of and it would not be good at all.

Now I can't wait to see them :D


Dirk said...

I'm getting thirsty, hungry and jealous ... :P

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