Sunday, August 24

WIPs and FOs

Busy busy.

Heres a little look at what i’ve been up to :)

Chunky Berets Toy Bag

Roxy Wrap WIP Roxy Wrap WIP

Star Blanket WIP Beach Star Necklace

Lockets Lockets


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Anonymous said...

You know what? These all look GREAT!

One of the berets would look good on me so you just got me thinking :D Will you be doing other colors as well?

And if that star will result in a huge blanket then... well... WOW! all I can say (and it looks pretty just as it is now :)

big hug


Katrina said...

Hey Nini! I have dark green and light chocolate brown yarn to make into berets too! I love them, i made a dark green one with a matching mini scarf for myself last winter and can't wait to wear them again :) And hey, maybe you'll be making your own crocheted beret soon :D Really hope you're giving it a go!

Thank you for all your lovely comments!

Big hugs!


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