Monday, September 15


Just signed up to, a UK based handmade, non-commercial online marketplace. Loving it already :D

I decided to list my purses on there for now - i may put a couple on DaWanda too. Not sure why im avoiding listing them on Etsy, i guess because listings get buried so quickly. That and Folksy is UK exclusive and listings are in good old GBP£.

...which leaves the question: what about

Well, its like i said to one of my online friends, Sally. Not much is happening over there. Yes its free (for now) but how long do we have to wait for a subdomain? Folksy already has this :o It cant be that hard, surely?

I also don’t want to be spread to thin over the internet. I think the three regional ones are where i will stay for now :)

...oh yeah. Green background and stuff. Much fresher i think :) How about you guys?

Purses Batch 1 Purses Batch 1
Purses Batch 1

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fairy-cakes said...

I started up a Folksy shop this morning, thought I'd give it a go - I've only got one thing up so far, it took me so long to put it up there! I had to convert my picture files to .png before they would upload, haha. But it looks like it's gonna be good when it gets going. :) You sold anything on there yet? Im also not really sure how to split up my stuff between Folksy and Etsy - some of my Etsy listing have expired so I might just move them over, but I think it's just gonna be a bit random!!

fairy-cakes said...

Im quite liking Folksy, it's a bit easier to list items there I find. :) Im glad you liked your present, I was so worried you wouldnt!! I hope Arleen likes her keychain too, I've made her a couple of other things too, I'll post them on my blog at some point. :)

Haha, I glued myself to a teacup trying to multitask - apparently I cant drink tea AND make earrings. Feeling special.

Pinkdoodle said...

Hello Tomato Tea! Thank you for taking the time in giving a try and write about it. We agree with you that the previous Pinkdoodle site was not technically robust enough to compete in the market.

A lot has happened since September 2008, including the new site launch and new features in store. We are also very proud to announce our currency settings that allow our users to sell and view in one of 18 major currencies.

We hope we will see you around back on site. In the meantime, we wish you all the best in all your creative endeavours!

The Pinkdoodle Team

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