Friday, June 12

Coriandr Express: Nicsknots

This blog post is over 2 days late, but i just had to write about Nic's wonderful shop!

This shop is a knitters and crocheters dream. Nic makes these wonderful bags for you to keep your projects in.

This design with the sheep fabric is perfect for yarnaholics! The drawstring on these bags is perfect for knitting/crocheting on the go - your yarn wont roll around all over the place or get tangled :)

In addition to project bags, Nic also makes these awesome Needle rolls, great for keeping your needles and hooks all in one tidy, organised place! I really love this 'Love Hearts' fabric, its got a cool retro feel about it!

Another must have for any knitter or crocheter is a notions case. These are ideal for keeping all you accessories in, such as stitch markers, darning needles, a tape measure, stitch holders... the list goes on as every knitter and crocheter knows :D This one will match up nicely with the project bag too - a great gift idea for the knitter or crocheter in your life!

Don't forget the kids! The little girl in your life, whether she be your daughter, granddaughter or niece would love one of these!

To find out more about Nicsknots, be sure to check out her website, or perhaps follow her updates on Twitter. If you are smitten with Nic's bags like me, become a fan on Facebook!


Nic said...

Thanks for the blog post :D

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