Sunday, June 28

A round up of the last week...

Its been a rather hectic week.

The biggest event was leaving the Boscombe Underground. I'd always been indecisive about the whole thing. Yes, it was exciting and great to have a share in the stall and an opportunity to sell my own bits, but it didn't really work out on a few levels. It was a fantastic experience though, would have been perfect if it was just a weekend thing.

Anyway, there's Winchester next week. Now that certainly has crept up fast. I'm not sure if i'm looking forward to it or if i'm apprehensive. I definitely do not feel ready but at least i'll be going with my buddy, Nicole of Hearts and Skulls. Do go over to her blog and say 'Hi' btw! She's new on the blog scene but has been crafting for many years.

So. What have I been up to?


Bargain Hunting! Inspired by Bex, Nicole and I went to a Car Boot last weekend and I snapped up 2 lots of buttons. All these for £3. JOY!

OlivePlum001 VelvetMandarin001

Dyeing! I think this will be my last batch of 'colour experiments' for a while. The past experiments were a bit nuts, but the yarns turned out better than i expected!


Spinning! After a too long a hiatus I spun Shepards Delight, which will be up on Coriandr some time next week. Also, if its still with me it'll be on show, with the rest of my yarns, at Winchester :D

BFLHumbugSkein001 BFLHumbugSkein002

Also spun up some more natural BFL tops. Thick and thin art style.

Next week will involve gearing up for Winchester and waiting on some packages in the post. Oh, and quite possibly melting as we're heading for temperatures of 30˚C in the shade. Joy...


Stacey-Ann said...

Your yarns are gorgeous and good luck with Winchester! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. I'm still debating about whether to apply for We Make Christmas.....!

bex said...

yay!!! go with the button hunting!! well done

Mollimoo said...

Lovely yarns! I wish I'd applied for Winchester, maybe next year. Good luck x

Lisa said...

I love buttons!!! and the yarn too. :)

nini said...

Oh... I hope you'll have some time for msn as I'd really love to know more about the BU thing.

As for the rest of the things I can only applause you on the good bargain and beautiful yarns :)

And I wish you good luck with the new sellings!



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