Saturday, June 27

Coriandr Express: FruteJuce

For a fabulous array of handmade goodies, FruteJuce is sure to quench your thirst!

Alison is the lovely lady behind FruteJuce which is a fantastic shop. There's bound to be something to suit your gift giving needs - or perhaps something to treat yourself with, as there are lots of different items here.

The first items that really catch my eyes are these totally awesome free motion embroidered t-shirts and vests for kids. These scream modern design in my mind as they are simple yet so eye catching. You're sure to have people comment if you kids are wearing these. If you don't have any kids then no worries! Alison will be happy to make up adult sized free motion t-shirts!

Not only is Alison skilled at free motion machine embroidery, she is also adept at hand embroidery. This apple is so detailed. It would look lovely on any fridge or family magnetic notice board.

Finally, i would like to talk about the purses Alison makes. Not only does she make square zipped pouches from funky fabric, but she also makes these adorable Russian Doll coin purses! So sweet, these would be great for girls and ladies alike.

To keep up to date with all things Frute Juce, be sure to follow Alisons Blog. Or for those into micro blogging, follow along on Twitter. For those on Facebook, become a fan!


Alison said...

Thank you for the feature, nicely done.

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