Monday, June 8

Am I Dreaming?

Apologies to everyone, particularly those involved with the Coriandr Express for my hiatus the past week or so, its been a very busy week and I am now glad to reveal why.

I was given the chance last Monday to take part in a new alternative market called the "Boscombe Underground". It was really short notice and so i've been busy preparing stock and buying tables, bookcases and what not to display on!

Boscombe Underground

The market started trading on Saturday the 6th June and was officially opened by the Bournemouth Mayor.

Boscombe UndergroundBoscombe Underground

I'm sharing a stall with 2 lovely ladies who run Charlie Moo's and Ollie's Closet. I'm sharing my third with a friend of mine and we have started a network for handmade artists in the south called "oOak Tree". We sell under this name at the market and want to help other local handmade artists sell their work at the BU too.

Boscombe Underground
Boscombe Underground

As you can see, my stock for Coriandr is there hence why it is currently empty!! I think i will put the hand spun and hand dyed yarn back online, i honestly can't see people buying it there.

I gave up my cleaning job for this and it's like a dream come true. We've all made sales and i honestly hope that things can only get better for us!

So if you're ever in the Bournemouth area, please come and visit to say 'hi!' - I would love to meet you :)


princesskitten said...

You are so lucky - we have nothing like this where I am - feel all left out!

Lisa said...

That is so COOL!!! I'm so happy for you!! What a great opportunity!! :) Seeing your stuff in a "actual" store!! I'm so jealous!!!

Stacey-Ann said...

Wow, this is great news! I have my fingers crossed for you that your dream continues to be successful. good luck!

nini said...

WOOOOOW! It looks perfect! You organized it so well... those tables and shelves and everything!

I wish you all the best with things getting even better!

what an excellent excuse to come up there and see you ;)

TomatoTea said...

Thank you everyone!

@nini Oooh that would be nice :D

Nic said...

WoW!! Well done, that's great. Good luck with it all, I'm sure you'll do well

bex said...

wow! that sounds ace! and it looks fab! good luck

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