Friday, June 19

Coriandr Express: myfuroshiki

For eco-friendly wrapping, look no further than myfuroshiki!

Mich and Olivia's shop is so beautiful. All those wonderful patterned fabrics, there's sure to be something suitable for you to wrap your special gifts in!

Furoshiki are a really simple way of wrapping your gifts. You don't need any scissors or sticky tape. Just a furoshiki square and the ability to knot!

These fabric squares can be used to wrap gifts again and again, meaning less impact on the environment as theres no waste! One of the best things about using furoshiki is that wrapping those difficult odd shapped objects with heaps of paper and sticky tape is a thing of the past. No matter the shape, your gift will look beautiful in one of their beautiful printed fabric squares!

Furoshiki aren't just for wrapping gifts. They also make wonderful bags! Just think, its like having multiple bags in one as you can fold and tie them in different styles to suit your needs!

If you love MyFuroshiki and would like to find out more, check out their blog - loads of tips for using furoshiki, become a fan on Facebook and follow their updates on Twitter!


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Thank you for a lovely post - Mich

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