Thursday, August 6

Time for Tea on Coriandr

In the hope of raising the profile of Coriandr and having enjoyed my time on the Coriandr Express featuring the beautiful work of other sellers, I've jumped on the 'Blog Feature' bandwagon. I'll be doing this every week by searching through the Coriandr listings to find five items related to my keyword for the day.

As a lover of Tea and yes, with it being part of my shop name, I thought it would be an appropriate place to start!

Daffodil Tea Cosy - Purls of Wizzdom

A lovely, bright tea cosy for your teapot. This will certainly be a big boost in the Winter months, reminding you what Spring has to offer.

Cup of Tea Kawaii Plush Pin - Cute Designs

Show your love of tea with this adorable little tea cup brooch!

Teapot Charm Necklace - Kitty Ballistic

A lovely simple, elegant necklace which will surely show your pride as a tea drinker.

London Tealight Candle - Flurogoddess

This could be one of the longest lasting cups of tea! Available with a variety of scents including or course, white tea.

Fairy Cake Bunting - Nickynackynoo

If you're having a tea party, don't forget the cakes! This bunting would make a lovely decoration for such a party, or a child's room.


Mollimoo said...

Lovely choices! I love Cute Designs stuff x

cutedesigns said...

Thank you so much for featuring my cup of tea brooch on here, I'm honoured. :) Love all the other items too, nice post. x

nini said...

Lovely finds! The tea pot cosy and the tiny charm are my favs :)

TomatoTea said...

Thanks for commenting everyone!

@cutedesigns - not at all! Seriously my pleasure!

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