Sunday, August 9


Violent Violet

Not only have I just sold my first hand spun but my second and third too! *Michael McIntrye style "Woo Hoooooo!"* Please excuse my boasting :(

Super Spinnach, Pink Lemonade

I honestly never thought this day would come. I really hope the recipients like their yarn and I hope that they will share what they create so I can show you guys too!

Violent Violet, Pink Lemonade, Super Spinnach


bex said...

yay!!! congratualtions!!! oh, i meant to say!! we would love to sell your yarn at the shop but it might be an idea to hold of a while, at the moment we dont sell any other supplies but we really hope to soon, so when we get that going then your yarn would fit in lovely!!

TomatoTea said...

@bex - Thanks very much! :D
Awesome! As usual i'll be watching your blog so i'll give you a nudge when it looks like you have some supplies! Yay!

nini said...

YUPIIIIIII! Congratulations my friend! (not that one would not expect you to succeed :)

I'm sure in autumn you'll do great.


Lisa said...


TomatoTea said...

@nini - Thank you! You are so sweet :D *Hugs*

@Lisa - Cheers!

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