Saturday, August 22

A Tale of Andean Plying...

It sounds really sad, but i have only just got over this:

Total Bummer

This is some plying that went horribly, horribly wrong about 2 weeks ago. I've tried this technique of Andean plying before and although it was a little tricky, I did manage with tangles and things and made Violent Violet. I tried to be clever and made a makeshift Andean plying tool similar to this by using a book and a lolly stick. It's fine when its on the book, all tensioned nicely but when you slip it onto your wrist, all that tension disappears and so tangles and snarls appear.
Lesson learnt. Don't do it. Its more hassle than spinning two singles. And, the worst part of it is I hand carded all of the fibre. Merino, Soya bean and Angelina. And wasted it. Not only that, it seriously killed my crafting mojo for a few weeks. I was afraid of bodging something up again.

However there is a small happy ending to this story.

Mini Green Sparkle Sampler

I did manage to ply 25 meters of it. Its available in my shop as a sampler.

I also bit the bullet and got back into spinning a couple of days ago.

Olive Plum

I'm so glad I did. This has to be the BEST yarn I have spun yet. It is super squooshy and soft and pretty damn even too. 133 meters of worsted yumminess. Its up for grabs in my shop along with a 13m sampler.

Olive Plum Sampler


Catherine said...

Your yarns are beautiful! Love the colours, too. :) If you have any irredeemably tangled bits of the green that you don't want, I'd really love to buy them! I'm starting a sort of needle felted gardeny textiles piece, and it would be brilliant for adding a bit of texture.


Stacey-Ann said...

Every time I look at your yarn it STILL makes me want to take up knitting! They look absolutely scrumptious! These knockbacks can be real confidence killers so well done for biting the bullet and having another go at spinning. The result are fab.

TomatoTea said...

@Catherine - I'll email you :)

@Stacey-Ann Aww! Thats really sweet of you to say that! Thank you for making my day :)
And thank you for the encouragement too, we all have bad days and i'm glad there are so many nice people around for support! :D

bex said...

i know what you mean about not doing anything after something has gone wrong, i had a rubbish day at the shop the other day EVERYTHING i touched didn't work...just gotten my funk back now tho'!
the yarns look great! well done

Dig The Earth said...

The green tangles look stunning though! :D

nini said...

but... but... I LOVE the first photo.... makes me wanna have it like that and not at all all even and nice :) I really don't understand your madness (probably because I have no idea how to make yarn)

I'm glad you're back in saddle though!


TomatoTea said...

@ bex - Horrid isn't it?! Been reading your blogs and glad you're back in the swing of things too!

@ Dig The Earth - This maybe true, but i had no idea what to do with them. That is until Catherine saved the day!

@nini That makes two of you! lol. It does look nice but, its not useable at all. Unless you felt it. Which is what Catherine will be doing i think!

Cheers everyone :)

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