Thursday, August 20

At the Beach with Coriandr

Its the summer holidays and the sun seems to have come out to play, so a summery beach five from Coriandr this week seemed appropriate!

Beach Huts Card - Charlotte Macey

This simple card has been hand drawn and painted - meaning each one is unique and a piece of art in it's own right.

Scented Sailboat - Leilalou

A sweet plush sail boat filled with lavender and rose for a refreshing scent.

Kids Crab Organic Tee - WEEclothing

An organic cotton t-shirt for your littluns with a felt crab sticthed on to the front.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Brooch - Mrs Toad Designs

This brooch is a cool feast for the eyes! Made with felt and with stitched details, will add interest to any bag, scarf or jacket!

Crest the Wave Whale - LullabyLily
What adventures would you take this little chap on? He can't wait to explore the world!


bex said...

cute, cute, cute and cute. i think i might have to perswade el to take a peak at coriandr aswell as selling on folksy

nini said...

very cute indeed! this time it's the beach huts for me :)

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