Thursday, August 13

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle on Coriandr

This weeks five from Coriandr all have an eco theme as we are all trying to "make do and mend" or perhaps reuse old items to make them into something new so they can be loved again.

Gift Tags Made From Recycled Maps - milomade

Old, outdated road atlases become awesome looking, unique gift tags! A wonderful example of reusing and they can still be recycled after use too.

Recycled Denim Teddy - Ling Designs

These sweet bears have be made from unused denim in light and dark shades. Each one is stiched by had and they they all have such a lovely character.

Spiderman Comicbook Photoframe - Hearts and Skulls

Not only is the comic thats been used to decorate the frame recycled, but the so is the frame itself! Great gift for a bloke, especially those that like comics and Spiderman!

Inma - Katcha

A stylish bag made from old inner tubes and a car seat belt. Definitely a conversation piece!

Vintage Floral Hand Screenprinted Cards - LMoon

These beautifully detailed floral cards have been hand screen printed on to recycled card. One day I hope that all paper and card will be from recycled sources!


bex said...

i love the gift tags! but they all look great, im really proud of the fact that an awful lot of stuff in my shop is recycled! oh speaking of shop, theres a giveaway on my blog if your interested?

nini said...

Awsome! I love that bag.

Autonomous Artisans said...

That photo frame is ace and I love Katcha's bags. I can see those little bears making some wee child's day when they get given one as a present!

TomatoTea said...

@bex - They are fantastic aren't they? And i'm glad to hear most of the items in your shop are recycled too - you're right to be proud! I must come and visit you and your shop one day!

@nini - me too. Such a great piece of art and functional too :D

@Autonomous Artisans - Isn't it great to see sellers reusing and recycling? So many great new items from old. If only the whole world would do this!

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