Saturday, July 25

End of the Line: Part 2

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the sellers on the Coriandr Express! You have all done a fantastic job and I would like to think I have made a few new friends on this journey! Here are the second half of the sellers on the Express:

Snapdragon Beads
Alices' beadwork amazes me. The colour combinations she chooses are wonderful and i love how she utilises each circle of beads in to different types of jewellery.

Alison has an array of crafty skills which are present in her shop! My favourites however are the free motion machine embroidered baby and kids clothes.

The jewellery at CeeGee is beautiful and made using only the highest quality findings and beads. Mostly one off designs, you can be sure of finding something unique!

Lej Jewellery
Not only does Joanne make lovely, affordable jewellery, she also makes handmade gifts such as bookmarks, sun catchers and cuff links.

Lottie Lodge
We should all take a page out of Lotties' book! Her stationery sets are made from out of date and otherwise useless annuals, exam papers and books. Recycling and reusing is the main theme in Lotties' shop but you will also find hand knitting and crochet too!

Tiny Pretty Things
Molly is one heck of and illustrator and artist! She makes beautiful one of a kind mini works of art on packaging card, making them eco friendly too!

Sweet Treat
Debbie specialises in making new pieces of jewellery from vintage beads and components. Old becomes new in this shop!

Heart and Soil Baskets
This is the shop that made me join Coriandr! Hen has an amazing talent and skill which is unfortunately becoming sparse here in the UK. I'm saving up for a Bread Basket to display my yarns in!

Ruby Spirit Designs
I've said it before and i'll say it again, I have no idea what it is about this shop, but it draws you in to have a closer look at all the awesome jewellery which are one of a kind.
10% off all items until the end of July!!

And then there's me. You know what I do: hand knit, crochet, dye and spin yarn :)
10% off all yarn until the end of July!!


Ruby Spirit Designs said...

What a lovely blog and a great reminder of all those wonderful shops to visit! (oh and thanks for including mine!)

TomatoTea said...

@Ruby Spirit Designs - it was nice to go and pick out the new items in everyones shops :D And not at all!

nini said...

More lovelies!

Alison said...

Thank you so much for featuring my embroidered kids vests and Tshirts.

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