Saturday, July 18

Coriandr Express: Tiny Pretty Things

Today, we'll be going back in time to last weeks Coriandr Express VIP, Tiny Pretty Things.

As the shop name suggests, this shop is full of tiny pretty works of art by Molly McCausland. Her illustrations have so much character packed into a tiny space.

The mini works of art in particular are eco friendly, as they are drawn on to recycled and reclaimed packaging card. This card gives them a wonderful texture and the coloured pencils Molly uses stand out well against the grey card.

There are a couple of gouache paintings that are in this shop too. I really like the paired sets. "From The Sky" and "From The Sea" fill my imagination with stories about the two octopi, their possible creation and how they rule the sea and the sky. I am seriously tempted to by the set for my Nephew and new Niece for their room.

The other pair of paintings also takes me back to my childhood roots. These are super bright and colourful and the birdies are happily singing their songs.

Molly has a blog whcih she updates from time to time with new illustrations which really inspire the imagination! She also has a DeviantArt page with a gallery full of her illustrations and art!


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