Tuesday, July 21

Coriandr Express: Ruby Spirit Designs

This is the penultimate VIP on the Coriandr Express! Can you believe it? Todays VIP is that of Ruby Spirit Designs. Vintage beads and components become newly loved modern pieces of jewellery!

There's something about Tracy's shop that just draws you in. Be it the fantastic photography, the colours, the components or the complete items themselves, you really can't help but look a little closer...

My favourite items in the shop are these pins. As shown, they come in an array of different colours and, as with all items in Tracy's shop, are one of a kind. These will brighten up any outfit, bag, scarf or hat.

This delicate bracelet would be a great addition to a summer outfit. The turquoise and scarlet colours work so well together, emphasising and bouncing off of each other. This is a clasp-less bracelet, which is genius as some can be darn fiddly.

This bracelet is AMAZING. The colours are simply beautiful and the title, "Summer Pudding" is very fitting! Look at all the beads and charms! Its jam packed with loveliness and you can be sure of owning a unique piece, as Tracy makes each one slightly different so they all have their own appeal.

To find out more about Ruby Spirit Designs, take a look at the Coriandr Express Blog for an interview with the lady herself! You can also check out Tracy's blog and twitter for instant updates!


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