Saturday, June 7

Bags of Fun

Busy at last :)

Rouge Bleu is already avaliable over on Etsy and Coccinelle Verte will be available for sale on Monday (2008/06/09)

I loved making these and already have a stash of yarn and fabrics to make more :)

2008/06/05 Fabric stash PICT0019

PICT0022 Bag Yarn Stash

I'm also in the process of designing crocheted purses :D The yarn used would be regualr DK or aran weight and they would be lined as the bags have ^_^

I also invested in some buttons to sell on Etsy. I'm a little nervous about selling them as i worked out my profit margin would be small but they are lovely and i will be using a couple for my own projects too :)

Still looking for more work. Ugh. 12 hours just isn't enough... not that i would want to work full time in retail, but beggars can't be choosers :/


Anonymous said...

Those fabrics are totally cute!

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