Wednesday, February 20


Two posts in one day.... I'm on fire :D

This has been an on going project. I randomly made a Chinchilla Hood (below) about a year ago as I saw a knitting pattern for something similar but I didn't know how to knit at the time.

So I made that prototype in crochet... but didnt write down the pattern. D'OH!
Now a year later, another prototype was made in very bright blue DK yarn... and being a little bit smarter, I wrote the pattern down :p

So a Mink colour hood is born, complete with pompoms instead of ears.

Plain Mink Hood
Originally uploaded by tomatotea

I'm sure you've guessed, these will soon be on Etsy. Im dying to make some different colours but my bank balance is telling me otherwise :o Hopefully they will sell well to help that problem out ;)
Of course, the design of an individual hood can be different from the example above. You could have:
  • Pointed ears
  • Round ears
  • No ears
  • Pom-poms
  • No pom-poms
  • Longer Ties
  • Shorter Ties

Heck, you can even specify if you don't want the ties - I can put a button on the bottom to fasten the hood instead :)

I'm thinking of starting these at £15 for plain ones (no ears, no pom-poms), £18 for either ears or pom-poms and £21 for both - the yarn isn't that cheap (its really nice and soft!), and they take a little time.

These will be available on Etsy:
  • Chinchilla Hood:
    • 2008/02/21
    • At approx 17.00 GMT
    • £18 (US$36)

  • Mink Hood:
    • 2008/02/22
    • At approx 17.00 GMT
    • £18 (US$36)


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