Friday, February 8

Current Works In Progress...

Well its about time I posted what my current projects are as there are couple going on simultaneously at the moment.

First up, my current knitting project. Its a cable cardigan made with Sirdar Click DK (Pattern no. 8956).

Click Cable Cardigan WIP
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Its slow progress on the back as I'm only just getting used to cabling! I'll have you know this is only my second knitting project ;) ... I really should get some pictures of me wearing the first..

Click Cable Cardigan WIP
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My second WIP is a crocheted shrug, which can be found in the wonderful book 'Crochet Me'.
It wasn't smooth sailing to begin with on this garment you know. I did a couple of tension squares, one in Sirdar Snuggly DK and one in the stated Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. The Snuggly was WAY off. The length was okay but the rows were way out. And to be honest, even with the stated yarn, my tension isn't quite there. Its slightly bigger but as it stands what you see being made could be called a size 32 (so Small to Medium). Thats close enough for me!

Crochet Me Shrug WIP
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Im hoping to get a new Etsy shop running very soon. I have a lot of completed projects I could sell. Which would be great as I need room for my current ones and future ones :D Im also hoping to get back on deviantArt by the end of this week. I miss that place so much. The people there are wonderful, i made so many friends, yet I haven't been there properly for about 6 months :( ... i'm coming back guys!


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