Wednesday, March 17

WIP Wednesday


Seeing as I have a huge collection of buttons, i thought it best to use them for something! Although not entirely original, I've been making button hair slides which is actually quite addictive and good fun.


I was given a spark of inspiration from a friend of mine. She sewed buttons on to canvases in the shape of a heart in her friends favourite colours. Being a button maniac, i thought, why not cover a whole canvas in buttons?

Hot Treacle Neckerchief

I've been making neckerchiefs ready for this winter. I've got so much hand dyed yarn laying around, I thought i'd knit up a ball to see what it looks like. This yarn is called Hot Treacle :D

In other news, i've been beavering away working on with a friend of mine. Its a small collective of UK artisans selling their work in one place. It opens up for business this Saturday, so if you have time, i'd really appreciate you guys having look and giving any feedback!


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