Thursday, October 22

A Yarnie Offer!

After some brainstorming and some advice from the ever wonderful Lottie, I've come up with an offer that knitters and crocheters will love.

Or at least I hope so!

TomatoTea Loyalty Offer

I've decided to reward loyal customers who buy yarn (hand spun or hand dyed - no samplers i'm afraid!) from TomatoTea with a 10% discount on their next yarn, if they take a picture of the finished project they have made with their previous purchase and allow me to blog their efforts!

So not only do you have an incentive to finish your projects with TomatoTea yarn to get a discount off of your next yarn, you get some exposure too!

So how does this work? Well, if you have already bought some yarn from me, all you need to do is send me a nice, clear picture of your finished item that you have made with the yarn and allow me permission to blog about it. Then next time you buy some yarn, either on Coriandr or Etsy, just pop the name of the yarn you used for your project in the 'message to seller' box. I'll cross check this and you'll be refunded 10% off of your yarn purchase through PayPal after full payment is received. (or i'll adjust the amount owed if paying by cheque).

For example, Lottie purchased 'Violent Violet' from Coriandr and has kindly sent in some pictures of her project and allow me to blog about them in an earlier post.

Now when she goes to order another skein, all she has to do is enter 'Violent Violet' in the 'Message to Seller' box on either Coriandr or Etsy to get a 10% refund through PayPal. If she sends me another picture of what she makes with the new yarn, she can do this again, quoting the new yarn she bought.

Please note that this is a 'yarn for yarn' offer, by which I mean, if you have bought one yarn and followed the directions above, you'll get 10% off of another single yarn. If you have bought two and sent a picture of each yarn in its finished state, you get 10% off of your next two yarns, and so on. This offer applies to all yarn available in my shops, hand dyed or hand spun with the exception of samplers. Be sure to use the same user name each time you purchase, otherwise I may not be able to match up what you have bought!

As for yarn sent as a gift to someone else, if the buyer wishes to get a discount, just be sure to get a picture from the recipient and permission for me to blog about their finished project.
If the recipient of the gifted yarn wishes to get a discount, they must ask the person who bought it for them to contact me, quote the yarn bought and the recipients user name for either Etsy or Coriandr. The recipient still needs to send me a picture of the finished project and again give me permission to blog about it!
Please note, the buyer and the recipient can not both receive a discount. Priority goes to the buyer first, so be sure to ask them if its okay!

I hope I haven't made this too confusing! Any questions feel free to ask!


Anonymous said...

That is all excellent. My goodness, you don't hang about! I cannot wait to claim my discount... Just need to use up some more of this darned stash first! :P I am going to promote the hell out of this idea! You will be famous, Ms. Tea!

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