Friday, October 2

...and breathe....


As much as I love having a proper job again, it sure does eat away lots of time! Its been way to long since I last posted an update for TomatoTea. So here's a run down of whats been happening.

First of all, we had an amazing week down in Cornwall at the beginning of September. The weather behaved and we had some wonderful days out.

A Week in Cornwall

Secondly, as mentioned I have been working my socks off in the bookshop. I've been put in charge of the Arts section - which includes crafts! I'm hoping to stock that section to breaking point in time for Christmas and get more people crafting!

And finally, i've still found pieces of time to make! I took some knitting to Cornwall and made a colourful array of neck warmers, ready for autumn and winter. I love this design as it can be worn by guys or gals and its toasty warm but not bulky like a scarf. It keeps the wind out of the opening in your winter jackets!

Chunky Neckwarmers

I've also been carding, spinning and dyeing so look out for some new additions to Coriandr and Etsy.
Yes, thats right, i've reopened my Etsy shop in time for Autumn and Winter. I'm still keen on Coriandr, in that it will always be my first 'port of call', however I promised myself last year that I would make a real go of the colder period in 2009 and I'm hoping Etsy will help me do that :)

Thats it from me for now, i'll post some pictures of crafty progress during the week! Have a great weekend!


Dirk said...

Oh I can definitely understand your lack of time having less of it myself because of my apprenticeship. But I assume you feel the same about it as I do: It's totally worth it :D

And Cornwall looks really awesome. Should go there myself some day... and take my scarf with me. :D

Lisa said...

Glad to see your back on Etsy!! :) I love the neck warmers!

nini said...

Yaaay, you're back!

GREAT photos from your break ... one can see you had some great time off and wonderful energy there.

And I love those neck warmers too! Great colors.

TomatoTea said...

@Dirk - Definitely. Although at least your job is a potential career ;) Cornwall is a must. If you ever visit we'll have to arrange a trip down there or something. And if you forget your scarf, i have plenty :p

@Lisa - Cheers! No doubt it is THE craft market place but running two shops is hard work!

@nini - :D Thanks muchly! When you do make your way over here, there will be plenty of photos for you to take too!

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