Thursday, March 26

New stuff for March

...well the end of it. Better late than never!

First up, these little birdie keyrings! So much fun to make, each one like a mini amigurumi in a sense. I love adding their little beaks at the end, really brings out their character.

Birdie Keyring Set

As I make them to order, customers can choose their own colour combination of bird colour and beak :D Only drawback is they do take some time to make... I should really learn to time myself when making things, the main problem is I usually make things in batches! These can be ordered through Folksy or ArtFire (the awesome alternative to Etsy).

Next up, the long awaited second batch of Felt Coin Purses (loads more pics on Flickr).

Green Embroidery Doodle on Brown Coin PurseGreen Buttons on Cream Coin PurseCream Singing Birdie Coin Purse

Again, these will slowly be added over the next few days to Folksy and ArtFire.


chainSHAW said...

i fucking love both of loves :O you are amazing,i'm not just saying that.

chainSHAW said...

*fucking love both of those.

sorry i am tired :P

Katrina said...


I bloody love you XD
Thanks Rob, you've been very supportive of all my stuff and I really appreciate that! Big Hugs! xox

Anonymous said...

I bought me a couple of books on felting too.... can't wait to try it out

I love that button flowers one... it's really adorable! Great items... all of them



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